Some Saints aren't mentioned in the Liturgy

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I was wondering why some saints like St.George,St.Mina.... are mentioned (by name) during the Liturgy.
Can anyony help Plz.
God Bless u.


  • Hey Fadyna33,
    It is believed that when we mention the names of the great and faithful saints, they proceed in procession around the church. It is just to recognize their sainthood, and how we should strive to be the perfect Christian - as they all were once.

    You bore Him without blemish: He gave us His Body: and His honored Blood: We live forever.
    - Chris
  • hey guys,

    Actually i heard a diffrent reason on why we don't mention the other saints which is that we only mention the ones that you can say carried the faith or Church Fathers this why we mention the council's, i dont remember where i heard this but can anyone confirm this?

  • side question... who's Father Ignatius Zaka...? and do we still mention the Pope/Bishop of Antioch?
    and y dont we also mention the bishops/popes of our sister religons, like all the orientals?
  • um, i think that Father Ignatius Zaka Awad is the Pope on Antioch. And we mention him because he is the patriarch of our sister church and he is their leader. He's as important to them as Pope Shenouda is to us. Of course, Pope Shenouda is still their pope, but Father Ignatius is their Patriarch. Pope Shenouda is our pope and patriarch. um, don't take my word on any of this loll, i was told about it a lonnnng time ago, but don't take anything for sure. if anybody could comment and tell me if i'm write or not, and if not then plz correct me.
  • waow (egy style)
    isnt the Patriach = Pope??
    and how is our Pope, their Pope?

    good think im not taking ur word on any of this ;)
    lol jk jk
  • Patriarch is a rank of bishop that is first in honour there is only one OO patriarch, that is H.H. Pope Shenouda. He is also the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church just as Father Ignatius Zaka is the head in antioch but he is not a patriarch only H.H. is.

    God bless,

  • oooooo so they're both heads of the churches, just HH is the Patriach which is given the title Pope?
  • The term pope is misunderstood. It comes from the greek/coptic word for father. The Catholics stole it and gave it a lot of other conotations but to us as it is originally a title given to our patriarch it just means something like pre-eminent father.
  • niceeeee
  • u guys... i got the names all mixed up
    i was listening to the mass yesterday... and i wanted to know who the priest John Kame was.... not Father Ignatius Zaka.. lol
  • good going
  • egyprincess... this is what happens when we accidentally meet each other somewhere and not pay attention to the mass... ;) lol
    of course, the first thing that i thought of while the priest was reading these names... was lol :D


    Thank You for thinking of us during the mass, but please keep your attention focused on the liturgy. :-) But if you must think of us, pray for us while you're there. ;D
  • nobody forced u to leave the mass ;) ;D
  • ahem ahem :D ... no need to get further into this discussion publicly 8)
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