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in Genesis Ch 3 v15, after the sin was comited in paradise God said:
(enmity means "hostility")
does that mean the reason for divorce and many relationships failing was because of Adam and Eve's sin?


  • Hi G.J.I.,

    This verse is not a referrence to the high divorce rate. It is a prophecy regarding the coming messiah. If you read the extended passage it states that the seed of the woman will bruise the serpents head and the serpent will bruise His heel. The seed is Christ who died and resurrected (bruised heel) and in doing so bound satan (bruised his head). From this you can realise that the damage the Lord inflicted on the serpent was greater than what the serpert did to Him.

    The enmity between the seed and the serpent is the enmity that Christ and the church has for Satan.

    God bless you,

  • Hi G.J.I.,

    Yes what's CopticSoldier said is exactly true. But let me explain it in more details. The verse says : "the seed of the woman will bruise the serpents head and the serpent will bruise His heel".

    1) The seed of the woman : This only identifies Jesus Christ and no one else. Do you know why? Because any person is considered to be the seed of a man (since we take the last name of our fathers and not mothers) and not seed of a woman. The only person who is the seed of a woman and not seed of a man is Jesus since He was born from the Virgin Mary without a biological father.

    2) The serpent : symbolizes satan. It's very clear.

    3) The serpent will bruise His heel : This is a prophecy that satan will be able to let the Jews kill Jesus on the cross.

    4) He will bruise the serpents head : This is a prophecy that Jesus will resurrect and by His resurrection He will give us eternal life.

    Parts 3 & 4 also mean that satan will think that by putting Jesus to death he will get rid of Him but he discovered at His death that he was defeated since all good people who died before Jesus and were going to Hades until the death of Jesus, by His death He
    re-opened the doors of paradis to them and they were redeemed. If satan knew from the beginning the consequences of the death of Jesus, he would try all his efforts to prevent it instead of trying to kill Him. That's why it says that the serpent will only bruise His heel (Jesus death) but this is not the end since the seed of woman will bruise not only his heel but his head (Jesus resurrection).

    I hope I clarified it a little bit.

    Thank you and pray for me.

  • oh!!!!!
    i get it, i was confused, he was talkin to the serpent... dah!
    thnx heaps for openin my eyes
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