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Korban is the Body of Christ in Communion, but wat about the korban thatz made 4 ppl? am i allowed 2 thro it out wen it dries? and, y rnt we allowed to chew gum/spit sumthing after communion?


  • the korban made for the people is for the sole purposes of "agape" or love.. in this case... the sharing of sustinence.
    after communion, one isn't allow to spit or chew gum just in case... you never know if a piece of the body is lodged in your teeth, and you will eventually spit the gum out, in which the Body of our Lord has been placed.. it's not really an issue if you throw out normal korban... but the only thing with that is the fact that it's a waste... but other than that... it happens so it's understandable
  • :Dthank u! (now i can empty my pockets, lol) :D
  • well i hope the "Orban" (different spelling) that is for the congrigations is ok to throw when it rots, else i am in trouble.

  • Hey All,
    The church actually teaches that we shouldn't waste the Orban. It is symbolic of the Manna that God sent to the Israelites while they wandered through the desert. The Lord said,"the manna must be consumed and not wasted, lest you not eat again." So its best if we try not to waste it, but to appreciate what God has given to us, by not wasteing. God be with you.
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