Nebushadnezzar, servant of the Lord

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How could a gentile, which was considered defiled in the old testament become a "servant of the Lord" Jeremiah 27?

wasnt he the one that destroyed the temple of the Lord and Jerusalem?


  • Well....God uses everybody for HIS will...maybe even God's enemies can be turned into tools for completing HIS will....

    It's God's beautiful way to give us hope, us the sinners....

    In HIS Name,

  • I agree, and SAINT Paul is another perfect answer...
  • Everyone sins, but its up to us sinners to repent and confess and ask forgiveness.

    St Peter denied the Lord and confessed (his sins were forgiven).

    Judas Iscariot also sinned against the Lord but did not repent, in shame he committed suicide. His sins were not forgiven.
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