a problem i need help

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hey everyone i've got a problem and i need to get advice. there was this friend i had and i thought i could trust that friend and we had some deep conversations about life. and i just found out that the friend has been talking about me these 5 whole years. but i don't know how to react because he doesn't know that i found out about it. and when i saw that friend yesterday i was shaking like a dog who is out in the rain and i don't know why. sooo any advice would be great.


  • Dont jump to conclusions and assume this friend was REALLY talkin bad about you. Someone may have just made that up cuz they saw how close u and ur friend were getting, and were jealous of it. Confront your friend, and ask him/her if it was true. Dont always assume what peeople say is true, especially when it comes to gossip...its the typical "he said she said that I said that you said...." kinda scenerio.... the story often gets manipulated and changed.
  • hey... i think u should talk to ur friend about what u found out.. cuz u might nut know if its totally true or nut.. so ya.. talk to ur friend, confront him and if u dont believe what he said get da person who told u this and both of u go and confront ur friend...
    C.A.P. :-*
  • may i ask you found out that that friend has been talking about you?
  • you know what...if that friend wasn't responssible about your secrets(i am not trying to be mean)but the way that you figured that out ofcource you knew from someone that knows and talks with your friend so that person wasn't even honest about keeping a secret!but my advice is you can go to this friend and tell him/her any thing and let him promis tht he don't tell anyone and see if he/she is going to tell or not!!you know i tried this way before and it worked perfectly!!god be with you!!
  • That friend is not a great friend it would be better to pray and love one another as brother and sisters ilovethemonastery don't worry God will be with you all your life just get another best friend it's easy don't worry it's very easy! May god be with you
  • sorry i miswrote the part with my friend that told me.let me rephrase it. When my friend told me that the other friend was talking about me, she was behind him talking to someone else and she heard him talk about me.
  • wait what's sooo corny now i'm confused ??? ???
  • who said anything was corny?
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