I need prayers!!!

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hey guys i'm really in need of your prayers!! my whole life is a mess now, i really feel like in this past week i've gone so downhill and strayed so far away from God by my own selfish pride and big ego; and now i feel depressed and i really feel so far away from God.
I repented and everything but i really feel like i need to go to confession and it would be my first time with this priest bcuz we just moved, and i sinned against one of their relatives etc., so i feel kinda embarrased but i know this is satan's way of deceiving me.
so anyways i would REALLY REALLY appreciate prayers!! :-\

thanks!! GBU all!! :)



  • Hey laura,
    to tell you the truth you can't repent until you confess and don't think negative, negative can make you ashame and positive look a the bright side it's easier if you feel ashamed when you confess than you ask abouna why? well, hope I help and remember

    Just an example
    *Negative-hell or hades (bad side)
    *Positive-heaven and paradise (good side)
  • I'm praying for you. I hope that everything will turn out okay. Just stay strong no matter what and look at this as an opportunity to get nearer to God.
  • Hello laura,

    To remove the embarrassment during confession, you don”t have to mention any names to your Father of Confession. May God help and guide you, and after confession you will feel the pease of the Lord surrounding you.
  • You are in our prayers.. :)
  • you're in our prayers laura. :) may god be with you and help you.
  • thanks you guys. things are getting a lot better..i'm not feeling so bad anymore, i talked to some of my friends & God about it and that helped me a lot & i scheduled an appointment 4 confession already, and i have faith now that everything is going to be alright..
    i'll let u guys know how it turns out, and with the grace of God i know everything is going to be fine. :) thank you guys so much for your prayers. you've all been so helpful and supportive.

    may the grace of God be upon you all! ;D

  • that is wonderful to hear May god bless you Laura and keep your faith up!
  • god be with you and you will always be in my prayers!!! ;D
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    Awwwwwwwwww, Laura, ur like, one of the sweetest people I know... just remeber that God doesn't let the Devil tempt us with more than what we can handle.... so u must be pretty strong!!

    lol u all are so nice! ;D thanks so much i am really feeling better now!!

    i think God also used this time to help me learn to let go of earthly things. because i was having a hard time with that!

    god bless you all! :)

  • see? you always benefit... :)... you're in my prayers...
  • hey guys i just went for confession with my new FOC here and I feel sooooooo much better now and he gave great advice about everything, and it wasn't so hard to say everything, even if it may have seemed embarrasing..! they're really understanding!! i'm still kinda glad its over tho! lol

    glory be to God! ;D

  • see? ;) everything always turns out for the better when you turn to god. ;D
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=13;threadid=2222;start=0#msg34678 date=1123812680]
    see? ;) everything always turns out for the better when you turn to god. ;D

    nice one christ for life...i like it!!
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