Gods grace

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GRACE stands for- Gods riches at Christ’s expense.
How do we receive grace? By praying, having Holy Communion, attending the mass, confession- helps us to clear all the rubbish and to open our eyes to the grace of God.
Grace is something to be given In spite of the person not being worthy and having no right for it or for free.
For example- if some one goes up to you and gives you $2 million and says do whatever you want and then you say I will not accept it as I have not worked for it then this man says no take it- that is grace.
Christ gave us His grace- in spite of me being a sinner, He died for me. He gave us His body and blood and called me to be His daughter.
Its not money, money comes and goes but the matter is eternal life and happiness with the bridegroom. The human soul is a bride, so how generous is the bridegroom Jesus? He loved me even though I was a sinner and He still calls me to follow Him. That is the grace of God, but the important thing is feeling it, if not that’s too bad. You can feel the money when you have it, so why don’t you feel the grace of God? God says I gave you grace at least talk to me in the morning, establish friendship or do you just throw me away?
He gave Himself to us its great grace, a great gift and honour and better than $10 million because He loves us so much He waits for us to talk to Him.
Grace is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. God is testing us and seeing if we talk to Him- free will.
We should feel that He is our companion, the one that loves us from the depth of His heart ‘Come, you are my daughter’ He will say to you.

+Glory be to God forever and ever Amen+
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