Jesus my peace and my condolence

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What is peace? (Brainstorm)
Calmness, feeling of security, quiet, stillness, freedom from war, strife,
Mental disturbance- dictionary meaning.
The perfect description- assured because God is in control, form the outside it may seem negative but in the end it will all be ok, yes there is a lot of stress from school etc. disturbances from the world, but we the children of God should know that we will be fine. E.g. to loose peace is caused for example from fights over small things. Overall peace makes fights non-existence eg. Assignments and when you finish it and you put all your effort it deletes.
Before loosing your peace take a step back and find the good in it. E.g. looking through it God did it for re-doing. Only by thinking of God. Look for the purpose, be sure that it’s ok and that’s what allows used to have peace.
Condolence means comfort
Psalm 23:4- through all these things we no that He is there. ‘For you are with me’ and that is complete peace.
John 14:27- its beautiful. Jesus left peace with you, its there with you, God has given us peace. When we don’t have peace its like we say that we don’t want to take it from God.
Peace allows us to rise above things that are bad e.g. fights
Its there, if we cant use it, ask God for it.
Experiences through life make us have a chance to grab the peace. We will be in peace when we are dying. ‘Nothing can take your peace away’ if you know you will be with God. If you are loosing a loved one. They are going to a better place and you loose your peace. You will be sad but you have at the same time peace inside.
Additional things we learnt
+With peace comes submission, submit to the will of God. God takes you in your best time.
+ Christianity will be introduced to everyone and every soul on the earth
+ Either rejected or haven’t heard, always good behind a negative
+ God will never waste a hurt
+ ‘If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it’
+ open your mind and know that God is powerful. Take time and pray and ask God for peace. Its been left with us, so we need to take it. E.g. if you hit your toe, don’t ask why, maybe it’s a wake up call. That’s the positive.
+ Learn to say thank you as there is a reason.
+live a life of contemplation, learn from the desert fathers.
+prayer doesn’t have to be crying, begging etc. only by just talking, prayer is a 2 way conversation.
+psalm 119 living a great life. Isn’t peace?
+ 1 Thessalonians 2:16-17 comfort in our hearts is the best feeling, comfort in our hearts are form the Lord. This is the age for discomfort.
+want peace, seek peace and you’ll get peace!

+Glory be to the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen+

as u can c that was from a meeting as well hope sum benefited

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