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   In the beginning everyone was evil and doing bad sins after the fall of Adam and eve so God looked for righteous people, there were only 8 people, Noah and his family. So God killed everyone by sending a flood to wipe out all the earth to start again, except for Noah and his family of coarse and they multiplied.
   The earth became evil again so God found Abraham to be righteous.
   God’s people- the children of Israel did not even stay righteous. He sent Moses to them and promised them that they would get a promised land.
   Because of their unrighteousness He gave them the 10 commandments.
   God then instituted some ‘sub laws’ in order for them to love each other then hopefully love Him.
   God ALWAYS wants our heart. He sets off an alarm (10 commandments) telling us that we are doing something wrong and we should correct ourselves (confession)
   Galatians 5:22-23- God doesn’t want anything but for us to give our hearts to Him. Every second God wants you to be with Him. Every second of the day. Some ways on how you can be with Him is by giving. Taking what you have and giving it to fellow- mankind and that means love. If you don’t like someone and you give then eventually you will love them. God gave us these fruits (seen in these verses) so that we can love others and by loving others it leads us to love Him. All these fruits and commandments any everything that God gives us are tools or instruments. E.g. a screwdriver is used to undo or tighten a nut in the same way and Agbeya is used for communication between you and God. It wasn’t meant for you to talk it without any meaning but rather to spark a spiritual experience about Gods love towards you. You cant pray frequently unless you pray regularly which means you cant pray in your own words unless you do the churches words ( which is from the Agbeya)
   We should learn to give without showing off – Matthew 6:1-4
   We should learn to give willingly- 1 chronicles 29:3-9
    We should learn to give cheerfully- 2 Corinthians 9:7
   We should learn to give liberally- 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
    We should learn to give according to our ability- 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
   we should learn to give proportionately- Matthew 3:10

Biblical examples of giving
   Israelites- Exodus 35:21-29
   Leaders of Israel- Numbers 7:2-28
   Poor widow- Luke 21:1-4
   Macedonian churches- 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

Additional things we learnt
   We are pharonic Egyptians
   We have come from Mishroham (musr) who was the son of Ham the son of Noah- so they were our descendants and that’s where we get ‘musr’ Egypt from.
   We are called Christians because we do things to do with Christ. Christianity started after the crucifixion so the starter of Christianity was St Mark not Moses.
   Around 641 AD Muslims went to Egypt and at that time EVERYONE was Christian and they told everyone to convert or they will die by the sword and that’s when Islam came in- so even Muslims at a time were Christians
    Muslims are known as Coptic Muslims. Coptic means Egyptian. It doesn’t have anything to do with religion.
   The word the Egyptians used to use was ‘Hakapta’ which meant one of the gods, then the Greeks came in and took that name for one of their gods and changed it to ‘egheptos’ then translated to ‘Copt’ as we say and translated again into our language to Egypt.
   Coptic Orthodox means Egyptian Orthodox
   The first church was in 1054. there was the great schism/ fight and so we split. The mother church in Rome had a fight with the European church. The church that stayed to its teachings after this fight was the orthodox church and those that broke off were the Catholic church. Before this there were 2 popes- 1 for Rome and the other for Alexandria. 1 of them governed spiritually in Europe and the other in the Middle East. After a while orthodox split into oriental and eastern. We are oriental. The oriental churches are: Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, Ethiopian, Indian and British. Eastern is Macedonian, Greek, Lebanese, Serbian etc. The difference between the oriental and eastern Is very minor. We (oriental) believe God had 1 nature (fully man and fully God) but the eastern says that God had 2 natures (when He was on the cross He was man and when He was performing miracles He was God).
   East is an important spiritual position. We all wanted to be eastern
   Acts 2:40-42- He (talking about st peter) and they (referring to 3000 people) they were the first church and they used to go around to houses and ‘break bread’ which we know as Holy Communion.
   The first church was the Pentecost. Pentecosta meaning 50 days since the Lords resurrection. He stayed 40 days on earth. On the 9th July of 2005 we celebrated the ascension to heaven and after 10 days the Holy Spirit came down. St Peter preached to 3000 people at Pentecost. They converted on that day. And they were called Christians a couple of years later.
   This year we are celebrating the 2005th birthday of the first church.
   ‘Kahal’ in Hebrew means people that are for God and that’s how we got the word ‘church’ which is us.

+ Glory be to God forever and ever Amen. +

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