Gods feelings towards man

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In our lives lots of people don’t think of our creator. When we sin, we ignore God. When we ignore Him, He will ignore us. How many times does He look for us? Adam and eve and even Cain sinned. Jesus came for the sinners and still looks for everyone. He made us so He isn’t going to leave His creation. A little baby is better than an adult in their faith. If you give a child some money to put it as donation the little kid will go put it, but if you tell an adult to put it they would probably take some out and put it in their pockets. They are not honest whatsoever. We pray from our heart when we are little but when we grow up we question our prayers such as the Lords prayer. Who is our father? Etc. people that don’t ask go to heaven take our fathers and mothers the saints as an example. We need to give Him our heart. People pray from the lips and we walk out of the church empty just as we walked in with no gain as we have forgotten everything, even with our families etc. we should lead a life that Christ wants us to lead. As He said to us, we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, how if we are in darkness? How? But He is still waiting for our heart. For example, if the church closes all its windows, doors, etc. and cover them all so absolutely no source of light or anything can enter and leave it like that for 30 years and when you open a window of coarse the sunlight will come in, that’s exactly like God, even though we are filled with darkness and sin, God will still come into your heart. When we learn something, we should actually learn it and also promise yourself to live it, don’t drop it. God uses people for ministry just like a water pipe. There are so many pipes and in the end you get the water so the ministers are the pipes but it’s up to you to drink.
In Genesis 3:8, 9- God is looking for us- Adam was lost himself, he lost his purity, there was no sin before but after that temptation came and he fell. Adam felt ashamed so he hid and said that he was naked.
In the story of Adam and eve- the tree represents sin and its up to us to take the fruit and to sin. Our hands are in Gods hands but when we sin we are asking Him to leave. As one of the quotes by the saint goes- sin is the presence of Gods absence.
Darkness and light cant go together. He is the light of the world and He invites us to be it as well, but it’s up to us as we have parents, priests, servants etc. as guidance. People take it all personally and have fights and say no and that their way is right but you have to understand that a baby will never know how to walk if they didn’t hold your hand. You have to listen to them or else you won’t know how to do things.
In Genesis 4:8-16 – Cain sinned by killing his brother even before he killed him God said that there is sin at the door, but he was in control and he still did. People say ill do it because no one can see me but actually God can. Differentiate between Judas and peter. Judas sinned and then he went and hung himself, and peter also sinned but he went back and confessed but Jesus always looks for us so we don’t do the same mistake as Judas did. Never fall astray and not go to church for a week because you are filthy. Always say that you are a daughter of God so get up again. Kerry packer lost then he got up again and it kept going on like that but now he is up as he is the richest in Australia but he is still in a bad stage. If you get a temptation say no, you should stand in front of God clean, not in mud. Get up and purify yourself and go to church just like what the saints did.
In Genesis 12:14-20- Abraham is the father of fathers and yet he lied and said that his wife was his sister. God didn’t tell him to go to Egypt because there will always be a reason for everything. But the thing is that is with everyone Jesus will say, he didn’t listen to me so let him face it. But God as a merciful God protected him even though he did a sin. Jesus will say that he is mine so I will save him.
In Genesis 20:1-4- he denied his wife again for the second time but God is still there. You might feel that you are unclean and shouldn’t go to church as mentioned above but that’s Satan’s goal but the church is open for you until the day you breathe your last breath. As the story of st John the short and st baissa, st Mary the Egyptian, st macar- 50 years of fighting with the devil and even on his death bed and even when his soul was on its way to heaven the devil was still tempting him until he reached the gate of heaven the devil left him alone. So do not give up!! Don’t say I’m the worst of the worst but say God is merciful. We have a mission and we are His ambassadors. One of the prophets which is Jeremiah said to the Lord Im too young and I can’t speak but the Lord said that whoever I send you talk because I am with you and im protecting you. Also with st abanoub, st ceriacos and Moses.
In Genesis 19:23-29- lot and his wife and Sodom and Gomorrah. Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Because in 2 great cities God couldn’t find 10 people who were innocent and God warned them. Even 2 angels warned them about it and they didn’t pay attention so they took lot and his family and told them that they had to leave but on their way lots wife turned around and she turned into a pillar of salt. Compare this with the people of Nineveh- ALL the people converted- they repented and fasted. Even the little babies sucking on their mothers breasts repented. God is love but God is a fair God. He created us but when we ignore Him, He is fair with His consequences and temptations. Eg. When a man was on his death bed, in a coma, got up and screamed “no get him away from me” as people were trying to convert him to Christianity and then he died. They realised that he was sinful but when they tried to get him onto the right path and they couldn’t so in other words they knew he wasn’t going to go to heaven.
Us dying is a win and loose situation. God wins and the devil looses. God loves me. He offers me heaps of things. What do I offer back to God?
“God knows the proud from afar. He regards the lowly” means that God loves all sinners but the people with the big ego he doesn’t want to see that under the word ‘proud’ people deny God. God came for the humble people. St Anthony the great- very close and humble to God. He taught thousands and thousands of monks. God said to His disciples that I came to serve you and not to be served. The disciples were thinking who will be the greatest of us; then God said to them get me this little child. He then said to them if you are not like this little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Psalm 140:12- God is justice for the poor. If we feel that we are poor, poor in spirit not in wealth, God will feed you. Whenever you open the Bible read, ask God before hand to help you understand what I am reading. Pope Shenouda says every time I read the Bible throughout my life I have learnt something new.
Jonah 4:5-11- difference between Sodom and Gomorrah and Nineveh is that Nineveh fasted and prayed and repented whereas sod. And Gom. Didn’t care. Jonah went to the city and told them that God will destroy the city because you are sinning. This caused the inhabitants of the city, from the king to the youngest child to sin. Jonah went up to the top of the mountain and waited for the city to be destroyed. God saved them because they listened. Why did God save them? 1. they got a message from God and they listened. 2. They had faith!
You can change what happens to you in the end by changing the way you act.
Matthew 13:14- it is up to you to accept the word of God. No one will force you! It your own choice- free will. If you ever commit a sin, never give up. There is always hope.
Heaven is right there waiting for every single one of us with arms wide open.

Glory be to God forever and ever Amen.

this was a meeting we attended so i benifited from it so i thot u guys mite as well ya i no its long but its worth reading

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