Views on dating?



  • truthfylly i dont think dating is wrong aslong as you dont get wrong thoughts.

    dating is a chance to meet/get to know someone new. dating is just time that you spend with a person that you really enjoy hanging out with, someone that you really like. dating is a really special friendship between you and the opposite sex anddating should not be related with sexual things.
  • I disagree. A good way to meet new people is to hang out in a large group, not one on one. You want to meet someone in their natural surroundings when they're most comfortable.. not one on one where they'll feel that they have to in some way impress you. One on one doesn't end up well..
  • I agree 100% with Mary, individual dating is a bad idea.

    It leads you into temptation, and makes you trying to do what ever you can to show the other person how "cool" you are.

  • [quote author=Epsaltos Michael link=board=1;threadid=22;start=240#msg4936 date=1088231001]
    I agree 100% with Mary, individual dating is a bad idea.

    It leads you into temptation, and makes you trying to do what ever you can to show the other person how "cool" you are.


    Indeed? The way I do dates is to make the other person understand how cool I think she is. I've noticed that I have a lot more success when I make the date more about the her than about myself.

    God bless!
  • Awesome NC!

    You're the kinda guy girls would like to date.. ;)

  • deleted...I misread your last post lol.
  • What are ya talking about??
  • For some reason, my eyes read your post as "You're the kinda guy I would like to date." And so I commented on that. But since it was clearly a misread on my part, I deleted my response before you could see it.

  • ::)HAHA.....Ok

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!! I've been gone for a while.... but 17 PAGES???
  • 17 pages and still, the debate is on..... 18, 19, 20, INFINITY....

  • This is by far the most RIDICULOUS thread in this whole forum!
    1) READ!!!!!!!!! God gave you eyes, now USE them (theres two for most of us!)
    2) USE UR HEAD.... in your head is ur BRAIN, and you hopefully have a MIND of your own... so put that thing to work!
    3) DO or DONT take action......
    if you wanna date........ GO AHEAD no one's stopping you... its just a waste of time and unnecessary if you're sincerely not well into you're 20's and not looking to get married...
    if you DONT wanna date..... GREAT may God bless you and keep you away from all temptations desires and lusts and may he help you overcome them all...
    now i for one dont want to date, never have, never will.... dating is not essential to life... you'll survive TRUST ME

    and i for one have a headache from this thread considering it is the, by far, most idiotic thread on this forum.... i hope we're done here, cause i for one... am!
  • wow, if the thread gave you a headache...maybe you should stop reading it... i think most people found it helpful... by the way i found far more ridiculous threads than this one...
  • 18 pages of very similar information is crossing the lines here... it's not all that necessary
  • if people want to add their 2cents, whats wrong with it? I think you added some very good points. If we ended it at 5 pages, you wouldnt have gotten that in
  • wats the problem if some people r still confused or lost? we r all lost, confused, or even stubborn about something. no one is being forced to participate in anything. i, for one, find this thread very interesting and learned many things from it; how people think and y they agree or dont. it has helped me learn and use things when i argue this point someplace else
  • I agree with Michael and Egprincess. People must have a lot to say and discuss or else those 18 pages won't have been filled. We all read and I personally accept your opinions and your view point even if I don't agree. I felt a note of irritation and resentment on your part. Its a discussion, if people feel the need then we should discuss more.

  • if u had read those 18 pages..... u wouldn't be asking ;)
  • SMS i really doubt anyone has the patient or the time to read 18 pages
    i came after they really got to a conlcusion but what i understood is that if you think you are mature enough and spiritualy high and thinking of marriage then you can go ahead and date
    did i conclude that right??
  • Sure, why not. lol

  • i just figured we put up with reading and writing 18 pages of opinions, so why not let everybody else read them? thats what the pages are still there for.... right? and if they have any questions..... go ahead, just dont repeat the same stuff 1000x as us egy's tend to do ;D thats all
  • SMS i know this sounds bad but making people read 18 pages is just EVIL and of course people are gonna skip a page or two in the middle and we are gonna answer the same questions again ;D
  • i think if someone is REALLY interested in the topic and LIKES rding then ya they would take the tiem and effort to rd it lol

    thats just me

  • Yup yup, unconditional love has a point there, although you know we will never cover ALL aspects to dating cause we're

  • What I think is more interesting is that half of the discussion on this thread are about how long it is...

    God bless,

  • Hahaha....true true...

  • yup, ive lost interest here too.. get my drift?

    well i hope u do! :o
  • Well, there are two options. Either lock this topic so that no one adds anything, or we could try this over again, and try to stay on track...reagrdless if we're

  • stop using egyptians as an excuse, its SO old.. im bored khalas lol
    .. i guess lock.. i dunno how to lock a thread
  • Mariam what is wrong with just having some side track everyonce in a while if we are always serious it won't be fun.
    and you can't lock a thread unless you start it
    Mariam don't give up on us very quick (i know you are sad because of your grandpa but ma3lash)
    i hope you would feel better soon
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