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hey guys....anyone know where I can get the songs they play in the movie "allah me7aba"?


  • im not familiar with the movie is it on a website, or whats the name of the song/songs in the movie?
  • hmmmm...I cant seem to find the song of ana el kharoof el dal but when I find it Ill let you know. I cant remember what other songs are in the movie (its been a while since Ive seen it). try doing a search through "alah mahaba" and see what you get. Sorry I wasnt much help.
  • umm....'3ala saleeb'...'ana el 7aroof el dal'...."ma bitinsash".....those r just a few, im not sure about the rest of the song titles.

    anyone familiar with 'em?
  • lol, yea i tried doin a search but i got all this islamic stuff ???...i guess cuz "ALLAH mahaba..."
  • mab tinsash is at this link, on the right hand column about the 30 th song down

    and im not sure which song is "3ala saleeb", but i know one that is called "ya sayadeee kam kan kasayen mowt saleeb il3ar"??? so if thats the one heres the link

    Go to where it says, the tab "SPIRITUAL SONGS" click on it

    go towards the very end of the page under "MEN EL A3MAK" (4TH TITLE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE), "YA SAYADEE" is the second song under it
  • yaay! u got the first one "ma bitinsash" :D....thankss for the links too btw, theres a ton of amazzing songs!
  • u r welcome, sorry i havent heard of the other 2 songs :)
  • thanks princessmary for that site, tons of songs I love on there. :)
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