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Hello all. Recently I've been reading up on the situation in some of the poorest countries in the world ("recently" meaning since a little prior to the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland.) I've found a lot of crazy stuff from a lot of places. i.e. the ONE organization. Some of the stuff is just unbelievable for lack of a better word... like (according to ONE) every 3 seconds a child dies because of extreme poverty.

My question is what can we do, or even what has our Church done to end this (not to sound mean like our Church hasn't done anything which would be rubbish, what about people like Amba Antonius Markos who is amazing.) I'm just asking what has been done and what can be done by us. +


  • wow, that means millions die a day. :'( thats sad. for what we can do, i know lots of orginizations that collect money to stop hunger and poverty, i guess we could donate something to that. we also have something in our church called "aushoor" (sry, dont know the translation). you're supposed to give in 10% of your income to the church/ppl who need it.
  • if you want us to tell you what to do theres the tough way and the soft way

    the soft way is that you JUST give to an orginization 1nce a year and forget all bout it next time

    the tough way, give to the organizations often, work hard to HELp the poor, givethem food when u see em, some poeple strive to be doctors for the sole purpose of being to help the poor in countries like egypt and sudan and ethiopia and what not, the truth is, if it was one of us there in east africa and the rest of the poor world starving for our lives, crying from the pain we suffer, we'd think to ourselves, if i had the money i wud help the poor, it shames me to see how much of us dont share what we got and it saddens me when i see poeple throwing away food or making uncanny racist comments about aids or differnt serious issues that affect us, poverty is just one step, ther is education, theology, philosphy, and most importantly, care. u cannot teach to care, but it is something learned when influenced by another.

    yours truly redsuperman
  • The thing is, when I donate to any charity, I don't know where that money is going (that's why I prefer donating to the Church on matters like this.) Either way, money isn't everything, in fact it's nothing in comparison to salvation (not to sound like I'm all perfect or anything because I'm about the farthest from.) Basically, I want to know what we as a church can do to help our brothers and sisters that are less fortunate than us.
  • That is so sad but like Gerges_23 said we could donate to charity
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