battle with sin

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like many other people i am battling with sin. i started this forum so that the few who know ways of over coming sin, can share their methods, and help others at the same time. i hope this will be successful.

God Bless


  • ummm i try to think that God is the only one that can ever help us with anything so i don;t tell god how big mi problem is i tlel mi problem i can face it because God is with me

  • As you stated, you are in a "battle" against sin. No one can go to a battle and expect to win unless he is prepared, and prepared very well because it is a tough battle. It is a battle not against humans, but against the powers of evil. To be prepared for battle we have to have hope, hope that God will help us, hope in knowing that He will always be by our side, and that He is not leaving us to fight alone, because if we depend on our own power, we will never win, but it is through His strength that our weakness is made perfect.

    Prayer and fasting are those that drive the devil away and help us to overcome sins. And we have to remember that “in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” Romans 8:37, so keep in mind that God paid a lot for us, and He has loved us with an everlasting love, so we should not let anything separate us from His love, we have to overcome sin because we cant love God and sin
  • Certainly regular confession is something I would personally look at. The shorter the gap between each confession the better. If you can go to one every morning before all of our buzy schedules and lives then that would be excellent. Naturally the closer you are to God the better it is and the best way to do this to avoid idol times for this allows the demons of this world an opportunity to pester you.
    I have no idea what you sin is. However I will tell you that through Christ you will conquer all and I know from my own experiance. Prayer and fasting is very important.
    Can I suggest that you take each day at a time. Start the day by attending mass, confess and take communion. This will get all demons screaming. If you cannot make church then liscen to mass at home through a tape or on the net (as I found out today). Get on with your daily life. If at any moment you feel that you are going to sin, then (a) you must recognise this and (b) get close to God - throught prayer and speak to God and ask for his assistance until the eurge to sin has passed away.
    If you get a chance at night do read the Bible. Start building a relationship with God and ask him - remember he loves us and nothing is beyound his reach, and you must believe this.
    I am fortunate enough to waork for a charity that deals with all walks of life including drugs, gamblers, criminals, (I do not want to call them low lives for they are all my brothers and sisters). Many of these people do not know why they do things and many do not know how to help themseleves or get themselves out of their situation. Can I suggest that you also confess in somebody for help. My 1st call would be my priest. If you feel that you are ashamed or cannot fase him, then do see another priest. Alternatively may I suggest that you seek secondary advice from a Christian charity that would almost certainly be non-judgemental, confidential, respectful and accept you are is - God's beautiful creation. You never know, you might end up working for something like that and think of all the soles you'd help and save.
    If I can be of any help then please do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is available via the people that administer this web-site, I'm sure if you aks them they'll pass it on to you (and you have my permission for it).
    Remember every minute spent with God is one less minute or opportunity to sin or to allow devils, dimons and temptation.
    Bless you.
  • Well, just like PrincessMary said, prayer and fasting are incredible weapons against the devil, and so is hope. All three are vital. At the same time, always keep your thoughts on Christ. Think to yourself, if this is a constant sin, "Would I want the devil to be able to gloat in God's face telling him that his child couldn't handle one little temptation like this one.....?" Usually when I think like that I'm able to avoid some sins because face it, when I think about it like that, I feel horrible and despicable which aren't the best of feelings.

  • To "chiefofsinners" I hope you are well. You have been in my prayers and thoughts almost on a daily basis.

    Please remember that we (at least I'm volunteering) are here to help. If you feel like updating us with your progress or if you need anything then please do not hesitate.
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