pishmeen ensho emartiros

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in the ''hiteniat'', the part for the 144 martyrs goes like

''hiten ni evshi entiniathloforos emmartiros pishmeen ensho emmartiros epshois...''
in our church.

that dosen't sound too correct...does anyone know if that is really the correct way of saying that part?


  • ishmeen ensho means the 8000 lol

    i think 144 would be: pi she ehme iftou,
    and if u mean the 144.000 that it would be pi she ehme iftou in sho ;)
  • oh thanx....so the whole thing is incorrect...its just that we have the relics of the 144 martyrs in our church, and we've always been reciting that same part in the hymn of intercessions....I thought it sounded fishy...thanx anyways
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