St Charbel - Lebanon's Baba Kyrillos!

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Hi ;)
Just the other day a lebanese friend of mine told me about this maronite saint called Charbel Makhlouf. He told me a few of the miracles by this saint, and that despite the fact that he died more than 100 years ago his body is still 100% preservd by god, to the extent that he still has blood in his body that sometimes seeps from his body as well as body sweat. Since my friend told me about this saint ive become very interested in him. I found these 2 sites (among the countless) that were about him! >

He was only a monk but made great things happen! It is for this reason that he seems (to me at least) as almost a lebanese version of baba Kyrillos! Anyway if any of you are interested do check out the above website! If anyone has already heard of St charbel i would be interested to know! ;) Ma salaama :)


  • I dont beleive the coptic church condisers him a saint.... but i could be wrong ...What i do know is that Maronites are Catholics and i dont think we consider most of the Catholic saints ... i could be wrong ...

    take care

    Pray for me
    Your Bro Kiro
  • He is not a canonized saint of the Orthodox Church; however, that is not to say he is not a blessed and holy man of God, for we do not restrict the work of God's Grace to canonical boundaries.

  • you are right that he isnt quite a saint - officially - by the coptic church, but he was made a saint by the catholic church a few years ago... its interesting though that the coptic church doesnt offically recognise baba kyrillos as a saint yet either (apparently saints have to be dead for a certain number of years, before they are declared) saying that i dont think that anyone that knows about baba kyrillos would try and claim he wasnt a saint - i mean under catholic, coptic, jewish, and muslim eyes - when one sees the miracles he clearly is a man of god! for those that are have boooks about baba kyrillos' miracles you'd see that there are so many muslims that he did miracles for :) ;)
    Ma salaama
  • sorry to be "too late" but I have a great personal relation with this saint... thus i had to post a tribute to him, so that this thread might be seen and more will read about him from the great sites listed!
  • Does anyone have more info about the "Marounian Chruch" which is the church of St. Charbe......
    I know they are Part of the Catholic church but what are our church views about them....
  • St. Charbel belongs to the group of Christians called "Maronite". Check for it on google.
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