holy book of first kings

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hey i want to do something fun... here are some questions from 1st kings. the chapters are from 1-7 and i want to test all of you!!!! so here we go...
chapter 1- how did adonijah announce that he would be the next king? next question- what worried nathan if adonijah became king? chapter 2- what did joab do when he heard what solomon did to the others? next-what were solomon's orders to shimie? did he obey? chapter 3- what did god give solomon beside wisdom?next- how did solomon judge between the two women? chapter 4- how was solomon's wisdom in compairson to the other wisdom? next- how many songs and proverbs did solomon say? chapter 5- what was the deal between solomon and hiram? next question (almost there) why did solomon ask hiram to cut the wood for him? chapter 6- what did god promise solomon concerning the temple? next- name the different materails used in building the temple. last chapter!!! okay chapter 7- what did king solomon ask huram to do for him? how do you sense concering the wealth of king solomon in this chapter.... i would like to hear your opionions in this question!!! thanks and good luck to all!!!!!! i know you can do it!!!
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