should we??

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okay i do not know if this was a topic from before but say you have a dream about god or about a saint or anything that deals with our lives should you keep it to yourself or tell everyone about it??? like if you had a dream about god should you tell or keep to yourself??? thanks and i hope i can get some good answers!!! thanks and god bless you all
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  • I think we should tell our fathers of confession and maybe our parents, but other than that it seems a little like bragging.
  • okay thanks!!! :D
  • i started this topic before mary and if you want an answer it will be you can only ask your father of confession because he might say no don't tell any one about it because he might be afraid that people makes fun of you or somehing so ask him first and then tell us if he said right or wrong!!
  • why would people make fun of you if you see a saint of god in your dreams? thats an honor
  • because of course they will say that you are a lier!
    take your FOC opinion first!and you will be cool! 8) 8)
  • its wrong to lie about something like that. who would do that??? i mean what would you get out of it?
  • you don't know alot are doin't that!
  • okay!!! i understand but still i mean come on should you tell or keep it to is a good thing or a bad thing???? thanks and god bless you all!!! ;D
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=13;threadid=1995;start=0#msg30418 date=1120423644]
    I think we should tell our fathers of confession and maybe our parents, but other than that it seems a little like bragging.
  • okay i really do not want to brag about anything because my church spreads things really quick.... so i should tell the people that you have mentioned!!! :D
  • i didnt mean that you wanna brag (far from it actually :)) I just mean that people might think so too, but to tell your father of confession, there is nothing wrong in that. And our parents; I think they have every right to know every thing about you since if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here :)
  • you are right!!!! thank you so much!!!! :D
  • But what if you dont know if it meant something and u just dreamt what u wanted to dream? And u tell ur parents and they take it as a fact and maybe tell ppl about it later in ur life or think of you as something ur not.
  • If we were talking about seeing a friend from when you moved away or a relative in Egypt, then I'd say ok maybe you dreamt what you wanted to dream. But I don't think just because you want to see a certain saint, you'll just see them like that, because I have wanted, more than anything to see a saint and so far no luck.

    Oh and for the part about your parents telling some1, make them promise never to bring the subject up again.
  • okay so i mean if you saw a dream about a friend then what would you really do about it????
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  • lol, :)... keep it to yourself
  • okay thanks..... but why should you keep it to yourself? if you do not mind me asking!! ;D
  • well i mean you could tell the friend you saw, but why would you want to tell anybody? :)
  • yeah you make a good point!!! :D
  • see, i think god communicates to us through dreams. like when somebody is sick and a saint or somebody heals them in a dream, aren't they healed in reality. So its an honor from god... :)
  • that is a good answer...and god is the one... so he knows what he is doing!!! thanks!!!
  • hay mary you aren't a saint or anything so it would be just a dream like every day you have a dream and about the dreams that you tell me like....that's not going to happen!!
  • maybe she wasn't asking to know what to do if it ever happened to her, but about the moral itself...
  • is just a dream i mean come on guys don't worry about a dream that is not true that can change your whole life!!believe me it happened to me before!and it was a big problem! :'( :'(
  • i do not know.... i mean what if the dream means something in the future or death of a friend or a speacial person who you love.... i mean that seems like a big deal to me!!!!
  • Well I had a dream of pope kyrillos VI just a little while ago. We were in church I think and some people one of them I think being my friend at church said do u want to see Pope kyrillos and I said yeah.. and they took us behind some curtains or something somewhere where only a few ppl maybe only the deacons can go and then he came to us. He was kind to me and I felt like he knew my struggles I think he said something like "there will be an end to.." something.

    If it was real dont u think I would remember it in more detail?
    because I had this dream I think after church on sunday and at church I sensed peoples love for me one of them being my friend in the dream.. and not requiring of me that I act any certain way to fit in.. since I have alot of social anxiety and I have major depression but its getting better.. and then when I came back home I saw a picture of pope kyrillos VI and then later went to sleep. So these things might of been things my mind wanted to process so it came in my dream and coz I wanted a dream with him in it before bcoz I was depressed and I know God let him heal other people. But I dont feel like im healed yet.. but still if it was real I can get better later right?

    Pray for me not to get any vain glory and pride.
    God Bless!
  • you said that pope kyrollos said there will be an ''end to something'' maybe he was trying to tell you something.

    Oh and about the detail sleep that depends on how deep you are in sleep (i did a science fair project on sleep). See, you dream during something called REM sleep, and that happens in really deep sleep so it depends how deep you were.

    You also said you felt he knew your struggles. Why would you feel so if it wasn't true?

    You also said you had problems. Maybe God sent to you the pope in your dreams as a sign to tell you that help is on the way.
  • wow great answers everyone!!!! thanks for replying... but still i mean should it be a big problem when you have a dream???? ???
  • hey i think u shud keep it 2 urself... i mean if like god came 2 u in ur dream then maybe he did it for a reason instead of like coming in the middle of like school or something and appeared to u in front of all ur friends and everything and said w/e
  • yeah but you know god was doing a message for me or let me know something... should i tell??? like foc or parents!!!
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