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hey everyone, i found out that one of my friend's brother died. and i would apperciate it if you all can pray for the familay please!!! thank you thank you soooooooo much everyone!!!! god bless all of your hearts and keep you all safe!!!! :'(


  • mary it was just a baby and he have a long story!i will tell you guys later good night!
  • okay sandra???? but it is sad to see your friends brother die in all of a sudden....... thanks for trying to help out sandra!!
  • wow sandra... ur pretty incosiderate... wa t do u mean only a baby.. doesnt that baby have a soul.. a spirit... mind.. feelings.. everything u have? wat do u mean its only a baby... is there somethin rong with babies... if they die its ok? if a baby dies... does that not mean that they were once alive which means that the one life that they were ever granted has been taken away.. if u died God forbid Sandra... u wouldnt have another life thats it... so before u say its only a baby think.. >:(
  • they are in my prayers
    may god bless its soul and grant it a place in the heavenly jerusalem
  • i second what nahda and mazza sed
    may the Lord b with them

    GB ALL
  • thank you everyone very very much!!!! may god bless you all!!! :'(
    still sad basketball :'( :'(
  • sandra that was not smart by the way..... :'( :'( :'( :'(
  • okay guys i said something wrong and you corrected me i meant to say that he was going to die for 2reasons!i will tell you guys the story!
    that baby was born by a miracle with pope kirolos so guese what was his get it right?okay in the last reserection day his mom left him near the pool and went to answer the phone and when she came back she found him inside the pool in the 6feet!and then about 10 monthes later when he still was in the hospital and of course he had a brain damage and also he water in his lungs so it was complicated!and then after two weeks later they wre arguing about him if they can remove the tubs or not and the whole church prayed hard for god answer and then the answer came really quick his sister had a dream that she is in the church and dhe saw saint mary inside the alter holding jesus in one hane and the baby in the other hand and when she woke up she found a paper writen on it the exact date and time that the baby was going to die! :'( :'(did you get it now guys i know that was sad but pray for all the babies that are deid!!

    see you later! :'( :'(
  • awww :'(, thats reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sad :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(, my prayers go out to the family.... :'( :'( :'(
  • did you all guys understand what i am talking about!
  • that is sooooooo sad, omg.............OMG
  • what was funny?
  • hey thanks everyone!!!! for praying please keep them in your prayers.... thank you thank you!!! :D :)
  • they are always in my prayers!!
  • please pray for them everyone and if you have something to say.....say it right here!!!! thanks!!!
    basketball :'( :'( :'(
  • i think this topic is becoming useless i don't know why are people are still posting in it!! ???
  • Well Sandra, no one had even posted in this post for 2 days now...You are the one who brought it back and you are the one with the problem. If people wanted to post in it they are very welcome to...

    My prayers go out to the family and all those who were effected by this tradgedy.
  • that's so sad...sry for the tragedy..
    How is the family doing?..plz tell them that "a lot of people are praying for u from" thx

  • they are okay still sad. :'( :'( but they are struggling and my friend has not talked to me since last saturday!!!! but i hope everything is okay with them!!!
    please pray for them and god bless all of you and may our lord god and savior jesus christ be with all of us and watch over us!!! lol thank you to everyone who has replied god bless you all!!!! :'( :'( :'( :'(
    basketball :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
  • hey everyone good news well i told them that everyone in tasbeha was praying for u and the fist thing they said was: [glow=red,2,300]GLORY BE TO GOD!!![/glow] AND THEY ALL SMILED SO AGAIN THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!!! they seem happy and i am happy to!!!! thanks and glory be to god forever!!!!!! amen!!!!!
    batikha-basketball :D

    thansk sooooo much!!!!! ;) u guys are the best!!! :)
  • omg im sorry, i hope he is in heaven. how old was he?

    [move]GOD BLESS[/move]
  • rebana maya and I hope the family will be fine God be with you all! God bless and remember appreciate everything great in life!
  • yea basketball how old was he. My prayers go out to the family :'(.
  • monika i think you mean the waiting place for heaven which is paradise!

    *just a little statement
  • the baby is 1and three quarters years old just kidding!
  • what do you mean just kidding???? ???
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=1992;start=15#msg31670 date=1120930827]
    the baby is 1and three quarters years old just kidding!

    I don't think this is a joking matter...please keep your stupid comments to yourself.
  • 2 was going to turn in 3 in 4 months but hey i mean it is okay and thank you everyone for the prayers.... it is really hard and he died because of like brian and lung damege!!!! lol
    batikha-basketball :'( :'( :'(
  • do guys think its a joke? y r u laughin or y r u giving us that impression by riting lol wen its so not a lol tym >:(
  • [glow=red,2,300]do guys think its a joke? y r u laughin or y r u giving us that impression by riting lol wen its so not a lol tym [/glow] sorry to ask but what do u mean??? thanks!!!!! lol
    batikha-basketball :)
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