Saints: Orthodox vs. Protestant

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Hey everyone, I need lots of help on this one. I know that as orthodox, we believe in the intercession of saint. However the protestants do not. What is their main argument, and what is our response??? Thanks


  • there is no better source than the book by HH Pope Shenouda, "Comparitive theology".

    Also please note, that this is not the only difference between us and our Protestant brothers. the greater and more dangerous differences are their lack of sacraments and priesthood.

    Also, not many protestants know this, but their pastors "and those who are really into" believe that Christ will come for a thousand years and rule the world before the day of judgement, ofcourse this will be the Anti Christ who will mislead many people.

    Again I highly recommend you read "Comparitive theology" by HH.

    God Bless,

    Christos Anesty
    Alithos Anesty!
  • Comparative Theology by H.H. Pope Shenouda III is available at
  • Wow thanks marcleno, intereseting facts!!!!
  • Basically, the protestants argue that the so called saints are humans like the rest of us. Also, they say that St. Paul in his epistles address the congregation as saints (e.g to all the saints in ....). So, they argue that there is nothing special about someone who led a holy life and should not be treated special or prayed to as we are all saints in Jesus Christ.

    Later I will discuss what our Church belief.

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