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well i have a question for all of you...... you know st.mary and jesus christ of course!! well how come we do not talk sooo much about joseph??? we always talk about st.mary and god and moses and other saints!! i would just like to know please and why we do not talk about him!! thanks and god bless you all!!! :D


  • i actually wonderd bout that too, i know we commemorate him in the hitenis on nativity feast ;D but other than that theres practically nothing for him in our services rite??
  • St. Joseph is the righteous man who was betrothed to the Virgin Mary. He was a saint in whom God trusted to be the protector of the Theotocos and His Son Jesus Christ.

    He had nothing to do with the Incarnation. The birth of Jesus Christ From the Virgin was the pivotal point of the redemption of mankind. We celebrate this feast as one of the seven major Lord’feasts.

    Christianity in specific is concentrated about the salvation of humanity, in which St. Joseph is not involved with it.

    We consider him as a saint and the Coptic Church celebrate the day of his departure in the Synaxarium.
  • true that, but i dont think we should minimize his role in bringin up / taking care of Christ, and helping with the escape for several years in egypt. Imagine how much he went through, and also when St Mary got pregnant without being married, i'm sure it was hard to support her at that time.
    Besides, taking care of the Son of God, and His mother is something unique dont u think??
  • i mean i feel that he is not mentioned at all..... like we ignore him and do not talk about him a lot...... that is how i feel about him!!!! :-\
  • okay thanks for all your answers everyone!!! god bless you all ;)

  • please reply more everyone i want to hear all of your opionins!!
  • don't say we ignor!because we don't ignor any saint!
  • okay i just want to know why we do not mention his name that much. thanks anyway sandra!!!! peace
    basketball :D
  • we do mary but consentrate abouna kirolos said it one time!
  • what are u saying? u are not making any sense sandra!!! what do u mean by only one time! sorry if i sound mean by the way!!!
  • okay, by the one time thing i think she meant, like, once before. But i still dont get what your saying sandra.
  • okay thanks for helping!
  • any more ideas anyone?????
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