Does anyone know if there are any church retreats during the summer?

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Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a good chruch retreat, for youth, that will take place over the summer??? Your recomendations are much appreciated!

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  • -southern coptic hymns camp-june17-27
    - pre servants retreat-high school boys-july5-9
    -pre-servants retreat-college- august 9-13
  • Thanks,
    How about on the East and/or West Coast?? Thanks for everyone's help. Stay cool ya'all
  • Can't really help ya out on the west coast...
    but on the east coast i know theres the ECCYC, East Coast Coptic Youth Convention, and it's coming up very soon... u can check out or .com, i forget which... but also, theres a family convention in connecticut and i also believe in lancaster PA... there family conventions and several families attend, its usually on memorial day weekend, but this year it will take place on july fourth because the bishops are all meeting in Egypt for that annual meeting.... hope u know wut im talking about
    i know Abouna Abraham Azmy is in charge of the one in CT... but i forget who's in charge of the one in PA
    and of course, theres several college and graduate winter and summer conventions on the east coast... but as far as teh west coast goes
    i cnt help ya there buddy! ;D
  • Just a reminder for those of u on the East Coast... ECCYC applications are due on the 17th... don't put it on to last minute!!!
    Or else :o !
    We won't c u! :'( :-[
  • SMS,
    What do you guys do at ECCYC anyway? I mean, how long is it, is it male/female, what are the age groups? And where can one find applications? Thanks in advance and God Bless. :)
  • hey banoub
    u can find all the answers to all ur ?'s at
    it's a very beneficial and spiritual convention, i highly reccomend it to nyone along the east coast.
    Bishop David, Moussa and Antonius come every year
    it takes place from end of july to begining of august
    theres 4 sessions; grads, college, hs boys and hs grls
    theres lectures, workshops, prayers... all the spiritual stuff, and theres a good amount of time for fun and games
    the facilities i can say are decent, better than nothing!
    SEVERAL, and i mean SEVERAL priests come and its alotta fun
    u go home spiritually enriched and socially active wiht ppl from all over the east coast!
    check out the site! ;D
  • Thanks a lot SMS!!!! ;D God Bless!!
  • ANYTIME :) ;) :D ;D :o 8) ::) :P
  • quick suggestion..
    if you're going on ECCYC in the summer, i suggest your bring your own fan.. hehehe. Althought the words you recieve are a living water to your spirit, your body may be thoroughly burnt by the end of the retreat... :)
  • mary, i couldnt of agreed with you more!!!
    also... if ur allowed, bringing some snacks isnt such a bad idea either ;)
  • i was recently told that H.G Bishop Angaelos of the U.K might also be joining the h.s boys session of ECCYC... lucky guys..hehehe.
    so that add one more Bishop to the list... hopefully.
  • Bishop Angaelos? That guys awesome. He's really really cool.
  • Is there ANY news that we MIGHT be able to get Anba Angaelos???!!!
  • last i heard (over the weekend) he'll only be able to join us east coast-ers for a few days... the projected dates fell between either the college session but greatly favored the h.s boys session.. sry to disappoint you.. but i'll update if i hear anything else!
  • :'( thanx :'(
  • lol, dont feel bad SMS, u might see him around! :)

    To God is due the eternal Glory,
  • Chris - but u WILL see him... [glow=aqua,2,300]lucky![/glow]
    (i'm running out of colors for the glows! :o )
  • Thanks everyone.
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