what do we benefit from the bible and pryer???

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hey everyone i hope i will not confuse anyone here but this was one of my sunday school lessons and i wanted to ask all of you what do we benefit from the bible and the prayers???? i would also like some examples from all of you!!!!! thanks and god bless all of you !!!!!!! ;D


  • Often times, simply reading the Bible without even necessarily trying to gain knowledge out of it, is in itself a way to lift up one's spirits. Reading the Bible, in and of itself, cleanses the soul and thus brings joy to the heart.

    Plus prayer is a way to "get it all out". Sometimes when I'm depressed it's because I'm "bottling up" all my fears and worries. When I pray to God about them, they get off my chest and I feel better.
  • There was a story about that in the desert fathers that may help get the point across. I believe the story was about Fr. John the Darf but I am not 100% sure.

    The story goes like this:

    This one monk went up to the abott of the monestary and told him that he reads the Bible everyday but he feels that he doenst' understand anything and if he doens't understand how can he benefit. so he felt that he wasn't benefiting from reading the Bible.

    So the abott gives him a basked (woven from palms) and tells him to go fill it with water. Not easy feat, The nearest water source was a couple of miles away. At the time, it was all coverd walking. So he would walk to the spring, try to fill it with water and comes back, but by the time he is 2 feet away from the spring, water is all gone. So he goes to Abott giving him the empty basket. The abott would tell him to go agian to fill it with water and he would obediantly do so. After a couple of Trips the abott goes "What happens to the water? why is the basket empty every time" The monk replied "its a basket and it can not retain the water" The abott replies, "that's true, but notice what happend to the basket" At which point the monk noticed that when he started the basket was dirty and dusty but after those few trips the basket is clean.

    The moral of the story is even if you don't think you understand anything, God works in many ways even hidden to us. Just reading the Bible would cleanse our minds from all the garbage that gets dumped into it everyday.
  • ok well if u died today ud wanna go to heaven rite?
    yea u would, but how could u b ready if u dont talk to God? u cant... Readin the bible and Prayin and the sacriments r the only way u can get to heaven.
    Pray for Me
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  • Reading the bible and praying are very beneficial most especially for people who want to know Jesus Christ more. They are both very powerful most specially to the Christian formation of the mankind. Both are ways to be close to Jesus and to be part of his crucifixion and victory.

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  • In Simple Words

    Reading the bible is listening to God, Our Father. Praying is talking with Him.

    I should have a relationship with God in which I listen to Him and I talk to Him.

    I can't make a friend and sustain that friend unless I talk to him and listen to him.

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