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hey guys,
i was jus wonderin, do ur parents allow u 2 go 2 parties and stuf. like do they go phsyco and are like no no no lol??? :P
- but like i gues it depends on wat type of party, like a close friends party or like one where u know 'bad things' will happen.
- hope 2 hear from use soon


  • my parents dont let me go to parties unless its people they kno and no boys r gonna b there
    they wont let me stay past dark either
    but i kno its all for good
    its real temting to wanna go too ( i should kno i get invited to lots of parties)
    Lets Hope God Will Help us Though
    Marina Botros
  • Funny thing about parties, or at least the one's I know about, most people come in thinking that the party is going to make them feel amazing afterwards and that's it's the most important thing in the world. Then, when they come out they're worse than when they came in, i.e. they got into a fight, drank too much, etc. Strangely eneough, the same people go back for the same old useless junk.
  • lol i think parties umm well fwends yar y not go hav a good time lots of laughs so its kool umm receptions etc im wit family other parties r just dumb lyk i dont c the use as luke said they cum out worse i agree umm church parties rock lol coz ur wit fwens nd stuffs umm yar thas baout it lyk yar im no where neer a party pooper but i lyk doing stuff with my girls lol they r awesome and we end up having such an awesome time lol so yar

    GB ALl
  • i only go to parties with people that i know really well!!! if not then i do not even think about going at all!!! ;)
  • My parents dont let me go to parties unless they know the person and his or her family. A.K.A. anyone from church im fine with that 8) some times but not when she says no 2 my best friends's birthdays and stuff.
  • my parents don't approve of me going to any american parties and if they approve it has to be someone they know and someone from church and I'm ok with that and it's awesome because they always know what's right and it has to be a birthday party
  • it is like in the egyptian's blood that they don't allow us to go to any party because i thing they are right well you know what i am taking about!
    any way also not all the people from the church you don't know how are they.......................believe me!
  • hey we should be happy that we do not go to parties i mean all we need is god and we are great!!!!! and if you do go to the party.... when if something happens to you like get hurt or forced to do something you know that is totally wrong????? :o
  • don't never say if someone force you because it will be your disision to make(sorry for spelling) either make the wrong or make the right!!i hate the word forcedthe only person that can force you do something is your parents or god
  • no it's not your decision really because if you make the wrong decision you are making a bad choice but if you make the right choice than you are making a wise choice don't make a bad choice
  • thanx for the adv :D
  • parties is a good topic by the way!!!! :D
  • if you go to a party, you may make a bad choice. That can include drinking, drugs, and other stuff you will get hurt. Your parents obviously care about you.
  • thats true
  • Drinking, drugs, smoking, and all that other stuff is the reason that I'm not allowed to go to a lot of parties other than those from church. My parents know all the people from church, and they trust nothing's gonna happen at one of their's parties. As for coming out worse then when you went in, that doesn't really happen to me a lot. My church youth is pretty close and we're pretty comfortable with each other, and fights aren't really that frequent, but you guys are right, when it does happen, it really sucks.
  • to tell all of you something that your parents are giving you the right and wise choice not to go to displine parties or get hurt they do care about you and they care about us even more then americans because americans do not know the right from wrong to go or not to go see americans just go!
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy not going to american parties, I would easily fall into so much, and I'm really happy they don't let me go, they really save me from a lot of possible sin. Just wanted to make that really clear.
  • heyy everyone!!! to answer dat party question... no my parents dont go all crazy on me when it comes to parties.. they dont even have to ask what type of party im going to cuz they trust me.. i usually tell them and they trust my judgment when it comes to choosing the right friends... its an age thing tho.. i realize, the older im getting, the more freedom and trust i have... it all takes time.. u have to earn ur parents trust over time and dont worry, they wont control ur life forever.. trust me!! i used to think that but now i see that it isnt true..

    GB :-*
  • the best thing is when your parents trust you!!!
  • Umm... no tehy don't if its not from church. becuase they like to really "know" my friends before parties... i dont even ask anymore.. lol
  • I don't ask either, because I know what they are going to say, so when my friends ask me if I can come over, I say no, and when I come home from school I talk to my mom about what happened in school, and when I tell her someone invited me and I said no, she was proud of me, because she trusts me!

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  • [quote author=Hottegyptian18 link=board=13;threadid=1893;start=0#msg28499 date=1118844800]
    my parents dont let me go to parties unless its people they kno and no boys r gonna b there
    they wont let me stay past dark either
    but i kno its all for good
    its real temting to wanna go too ( i should kno i get invited to lots of parties)
    Lets Hope God Will Help us Though
    Marina Botros

    the same wif my parents but usually no skool parties casue they invite both boys and girls (may i point out that i go to a Coptic Orthodox skool) mum has to know the PARENTS (yes parents) or the Student (yes the girl) of whom i am going to the party....

    she must know of the girl and if she would be a good influence...

    fair enough i say!!
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