Astrology (Horoscopes) and Our Church?

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what does the church think?


  • Interssting topic. Here is the deal:
    Astrology is just another form of fortune telling. Just cuz I am a gemini that does't mean that I have to fit the profile. Or Because I act a certain way, that doesn't mean that I fit the profile of a scorpio.

    MOst of these signs are too vague that they would fit anybody. What can the stars tell about us? or our future? etc...

    Just cuz I was born in September that has NO BARING on my life. But to believe in it is out of line.

    Just my 2 cents
  • i dont think astrology is wrong likk a sin but i do think that its just for fun
    i sometimes look at my sign to c if its rite bout me or not but its no big deal
    God Bless
    [glow=red,2,300]Marina Botros[/glow]
  • i dont think that its wrong i think that if u believe it then thats where it strarts being dangerous but other than that think its fine but then again its jus my opinion.......

    i think we gotta get a priest on these forums that wud be great
  • Horoscopes are just another justification of the word "fate" many people believe in fate and others believe in people who know the unknown and all of that...but us as Christians must only follow and believe in God...God is the only one who knows the let us not believe in such myths and things that has no proof or valid.
  • Astrology, Carl Jung and his devotees aside, is a fraudulent pseudo-science with absolutely no evidence to back it I'm completely determined by how the earth is spatially situated in relation to some arbitary gaseous body at the minute my gestation ends? Come on!
  • i do not think it is wrong at all, and good topic by the way!!!!!
  • i think it is in one way only if you learn from the other church and forget your church!!!if i didn't understand it wrong!!
  • I think its a sin sublimily,
    Astrology = fortune telling
    fortune telling = false prophets
    God said false prophets = sinful
    Astrology = sin

  • i got it!!!!thanks!! ;D
  • i like reading that stuff cause it always tells exactly the opposite of my current situation in life lol
  • It's funny how wrong they are most of the time...some of the time it may seem it's right, but it's too general to tell...

    Sinful Servant
  • Horoscopes, reading the palm, reading the tea leafs, looking through crystal, open the cards, observing the forehead for lines ....., all are false prediction of the future.

    No one knows the future except the Almighty God. He is the Pantocrator, He is the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, He is the Omnipotent, Omniscience and He is the One who is holding the whole universe in the palm of His hands.

    Any one who practise the above stuff is just shaky in his/her believe and need to get his/her spiritual life in order.
  • [quote author=nadertossoun link=board=1;threadid=1889;start=0#msg28607 date=1118876086]
    I think its a sin sublimily,
    Astrology = fortune telling
    fortune telling = false prophets
    God said false prophets = sinful
    Astrology = sin


    amen 2 that ;)
  • hehe its funny looks like an equation from my maths class thanks nader for the logical answers ;D ;D ;D
  • PLEASE REFER TO ISAIA 47 and Deutronomy 13. Horoscope is definately a grave Babelonian Sin. It is handing your self over to the Devil
  • Yeah ive always been told at church that astrology and all that kind ov stuff is very wrong cos it may even have stuff to do with sorcery and id stay away from that rubbish.

    Besides ud have to have pretty shakey faith to believe or even be interested in that stuff like Safaa sed.

  • star signs and such are from the devil, and go against God.
    God decides our fate, not the stars or the planets, moon watever.
    wat is the sun, the stars and the moon, but creations of God.
    this is a form of idoletry.
  • oops, read the question wrong i mean to vote yes, forgive me.
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