Moses and Abraham

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hey guys,
i have an assignment on moses and abraham and i need your help.

do u know why the jews regard abraham as the father of the jewish people but see moses as the father of the jewish religion?

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  • Maybe because Abraham was told he would be the father of a great nation. Nation can also be defined as a country (if u know what I mean) and Abraham was told to leave his home to go to the promised land.. in that sense he could be the fathjer of the nation.

    And Moses brought in the Jewish law. The basis of the jewish religion is the law.. So moses is the father of the religion

    I got a question... Abraham made sacrifices to God before the law of sacrifice and offering was founded, before the priesthood and all that, how did he know sacrifices would be pleasing to God.
  • thanx 4 that
    i thought that god told him about sacrificing- not 2 sure
  • Great topic Mazza,
    Every Jewish Person (till this day) will tell you which tribe he/she is from (from the 12 tribes). Jacob was the one that gave birth to the 12 sons, Jacob was the younger son of Isaac (who gave birth to Esso and him) Isaac was the son of Abraham (along with Ishmail). So the Father of all the 12 Nations would be Abraham who begot Isaac, who begot Jacob.

    As for Moses, He is the one that established the Jewish religion. before him, the Jews where a Nation (see above) they knew to worship God from the beginning but there was no laws or commandments. Moses was teh one that started (thru devine inspiraton) the Jewish religion. Most of the laws in the Jewish religion are in the first 5 books of the Old T. they even label it "The mosiac Law" in refrence to Moses. Most the the rest of the Old T. are Historic books, Prophetic books, and Poems (Psalms and Songs of Solomon)

    As for Sacrficeing, there has been sacrifices since Day One (or more like since Adam sinned)
    1st Sacrifice was when God killed an animal so that he may use its skin to cover Adam and Eve
    2nd (Caan and Abel)
    Sacrifice of Noah (after the flood)
    Sacrifices of Malchisadek (Bread and Wine)
    Sacrifice of Isaac (when he was about to be slaughterd)
    so there has been many sacrifices since the beginning. It wasn't up untill Moses that there are laws and methods of doing them and there are different types of sacrifces, etc...

    Hope this helped
  • The tradition, the word of mouth from generation to generation, has kept the teaching of God to His people. After that Moses wrote all the revelation of God from creation till his death in the five Holy Books of Torah.
  • The word of the mouth "the tradition " had taught Abel that the sacrifice that would please God is the animal sacrifice and not like his brother Cain who offer to God from the field and was rejected.
    Cain learned that from his parents, Adam & Eve, whom in turn learned that from God Himself.

    This taught us that tradition is very vital in the life of the church, which the protestant abolished it from their system.
  • thanx guys
    use really helped
    may god bless use ;)
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