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Hello all,

I am sure you all remember Pope John Paul II, may he rest in peace. Recently, I heard that the current Roman pope, Pope Benedict XVI, has waived the minimum period required to declare someone a saint for Pope John Paul II. I am not 100% sure, but I think the minimum requirement is to wait at least 3 or 5 years...i can't remember.

In our church, the required minimum waiting period is 50 years...am I correct? (that's why we don't officially declare H.H. Pope Kyrillos VI as a saint at the moment).

Anyways, what I was thinking is that does the Pope have the right to waive a specific law of the church just to please the people? Many Polish people wanted Pope John Paul II declared "an immediate saint" (Pope John Paul II was of Polish descent).

Has there been any point in our church history where the Pope has waived an official church rule?

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  • Im not surprised that ppl in the Catholic Faith would be so lenient; and "sway" and change their faith (even if it was minorly) to please their needs, or rather, their desires! (even on issues, such as same sex marriage) Fifty-seven per cent of Catholics support same-sex marriages, while 43 per cent are opposed. Among Protestants, only 38 per cent support the concept and 58 per cent are opposed. You see, that is the difference between us COPTS and other practicing "Christians". We take biblical stories and traditions literally, with NO alterations. If the bible says its Adam and EVE, we dun make it Adam and STEVE! The coptic church is known to be most fundamental and strict. I highly doubt we ever changed anythinggg! Even the minor things, such as the small details put in every orbana, the appearance of our priests, each part of the mass, etc. Being coptic is being traditional. Orthodoxy (meaning the RIGHT way) is what being a true Christian is all about. When you take all of Christianity and persue it, Without changing what you dont like, or dont wanna do! I found this site very interesting, its rather sad actually; to see a "man of God" or a "preacher" inturperting God's word like this (its kinda long, but read it!). You can see how much they change the bible, or the way they seee the commandments, merely to please their desires!
  • our church, neh, not unless it was under extreme cercomstances with extremely rare people.

    now the catholic church, thats a bit different. now they lean to the public more to the pantocrator.

    and pope john paul must be beatified first like mother theresa, theyu have er what shall i call them? phases i suppose. and they must look up miracles, at leat four. etc.

    but in all the catholic church is always changing.

    for example, they cant figure out whether they believe in a limbo anymore, they changed the altar to face the people, and they now allow people to touch the body. and much more but ill cease my rambling.

    (if im mistaken in anything, please notify me, bc im not the most reliable person when it comes to the facts.lol)
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