All Numbers Point to God - Game

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All Numbers Point to God

Discover how each number relates to God using simple arithmetic

2 or more

How to play:
Beginning with the youngest person, players take turns thinking of church concepts related to that number beginning with number 1 and progressing sequentially. Play commences in any order after the first person.

Players can use basic arithmetic functions to add/subtract/multiply/divide to achieve that number if needed.

For example: if a player has the number 13 and cannot think of a specific concept for that number, they may consider the following so long as these concepts have not been said previously

6 Days of creation + 7 Archangels
The game then continues with the next player having the number 14

• Concepts should not be repeated
• If a player is questioning other players concept, a player may challenge. The player who has been challenged can then use a resource to support their concept selection for that specific number using various resources (Bible, other books, etc…). If supported via reference and consensus among other players, then the answer is accepted. Otherwise, the player is eliminated.
• A player is also eliminated if they cannot think of a concept with their given number.

How to win:
Be the last player remaining with a final confirmed concept with the final number.

Example of a game

4 Players

Abigail is the youngest so she starts. Play commences in any order after that.

A: “We believe in 1 God”
D: “The 2 disciples of Emmaus”
K: “The 3 Persons of the Holy Trinity”
C: “The 4 Gospels”
Back to Abigail. Let’s say she can’t think of a concept for 5. She can use any arithmetic function +-*/ with new concepts to achieve that number. For example, see below.
A: “The 7 Spirits of God - the 2 fish of feeding the multitude. (5)

Let’s say someone hears the 7 Spirits of God and challenges. Abigail then is challenged and has the opportunity to use a resource to support her choice. If she can justify with a resource (Bible) then she’s still in the game, otherwise she’s eliminated.

Happy playing and remember ANPTG

Your prayers


  • thanks, this sounds like a good idea for long journeys or those days when you are with the kids and the adult's meeting is running on egyptian time ;)
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