Peace and Grace, 

Does any one know if there is a defined daily practice for monks/nuns? (i.e., attending daily liturgy, daily tasbeha, etc.) and where to find it outlined if any? 

Also, could someone provide some suggestions of spiritual books geared towards monasticism?

Also, what is the general minimum age required to join a monastery?

God bless. 


  • The only advice that matter for such a path is find a monastery and go visit, ideally first as part of a larger group, then individual personal ones. If you are in the states, i recommend St. Mary & St Moses Texas.

  • I don’t think there is a minimum age for monasticism. But some advice that a person finishes their degree and gets some work experience before trying to be ordained as a monk or nun.
    Here is a website that has free pdf books. You may be able to find many on monasticism:

    You also may be able to find many questions and answers about the monastic on
  • this is great.
    i also want to add that many monks and nuns do not have university degrees.
    for those people who go to work after school or who do voluntary work, the idea is that the person learns useful skills in life and doesn't just go to the monastery because he / she isn't good at succeeding at work - it isn't easier than going out and getting a job or an education.
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