Please advice me and pray for me!

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This new year for me has been very difficult. Here is just a list of some of the things I faced just in this year so far:
1) My friendship with my best friend at church took a fall downhill and I spoke to one of the servants and nothing much changed. I felt betrayed and hurt.
2) I was printing my online school notes in a public office and a random dude walks in and he scared me and just sat there cussing. I left immediately but I was traumatized.
3) My grandma passed away in Egypt
4) My parents get into multiple arguments because my dad wanted to travel and she didn’t want him to.
5) My mom gets sick and has problems with her arm and neck to the point she couldn’t move it.
6) Yesterday, I thought that someone was trying to break in to the apartment and we had to call the cops and the sheriff came.
All of these are problems and they all are impacting me negatively, I feel scared, anxious, upset, spiritually and mentally tired as well as disappointed in my self for also struggling against the same sin for years now. I hope someone would comfort our advice me and please pray for me. Thank you


  • Dear @Youana,
    I think that you are not alone in the difficulties and problems that you are facing - we all are and the Lord is near (in so many ways of course). I found the sermons of Fr Dawood Lam'y very helpful but it depends on your fluency in Arabic. Perhaps some of the sermons have subtitles but I am not sure, nor can I be confident that these convey the same meaning.. I, however, don't know any English sermons that can be of any help unfortunately but I will pray for you and ask you to pray for me too please.. God bless us all..
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ ⲡϭⲥ
  • My fluency in Arabic isn't the best, but I can check them out. Thank you for your reply, advice, and prayers. May God bless! 
  • no worries, you have some in english here:
    ophadece has some good ideas :)
    or (if you rather read than watch):

    also read the sermons of saint macarius or saint john chrysostom - you may have them in your church.
    may God guide you and give you peace - He can show you the way - never give up

  • Thank you so much!
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