Coptic Unicode Font? why? How to display correctly on screen?

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This web site has been over the years a great resources for me personally to grow in learning hymns and I do appreciate all the efforts and resources you have pout to make this happen and stand till today.

You have recently converted to Coptic Unicode Font and so what is the benefit of that first of all and secondly and most importantly, on a computer or any portable device, the Coptic displays in a difficult non-clean format to follow along. Is there is a way to fix that so it displays good readable font on our devices?

Lastly, I have few liturgies that I have recorded with some blessed fathers that were vistors or happen to pray with them and includingh one with Father Filopateer Kamal and Moallem Ibrahim Ayaad and others. Would you like to review and upload to your web site after review? if so, I can be reached at [email protected]


Note: how do I get notified of your response? My email is checked consistently. Thanks and pray for my weakness.

Nader Mansi 


  • ahlan wa sahlan, great to hear that - hope the admins find time to upload your liturgies, what language are they in?
    you can find replies by loging in here - you can probably get notifications too, but i will leave it for someone who is more technical to advise you there.

    what font do you have downloaded on your computer?
    i have CS avva shenouda (spelling may be wrong) and i use the website on a laptop and it shows well.
  • As far as the liturgies they are Arabic and other are mixed English and Arabic.
    At Any rate,  I do have cs avva shenouda but fonts look pretty weird and hard to read the Coptic un less I copy and paste and transform to ArialCoptic to see it well.
  • The change to unicode is very important. It allows the texts to be standardized and searchable.
  • wow, thanks for that, it is a great resource, may God reward you
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    Ok I am not sure why this is not advertised but there is an extension on Google Chrome  that can fix  this problem somewhat and It is called Coptic Font Converter extension. You go under extensions and look for that name.   This link may also work for anyone who has the same problem.
  • It's good to hear from you Nader. 

    You can pm me directly about the recordings. 

    About the fonts...there are too many reasons to use industry standard unicode. It allows many more applications to be created this way. The main issue we have is the default font is Google's Noto coptic font which was probably made with scholarly help and matches the fonts that are used in academia. We are trying to get a unicode Avva Shenouda font, atleast on Chrrome, but it's challenge. We will get there for  
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    I am glad there is something to work with like this extension I mentioned above. Edge however does not have such an extension yet I guess.
  • the new font looks a bit square and spiky and not round and swirly like the 'cs avva shenouda' font.
    but i think it looks more like the ancient inscriptions i have seen, so I will have to get used to it!
    my lessons were in the swirly font, so my brain needs to readjust.
    thanks to all of you for helping us to learn coptic.
  • It is obvious that most people prefer the old CS Awwa Shenouda which is the normal one we are used to. The new one is, sorry, really ugly and looks like a poor version of the new Greek.
    Since this is the case and most people I spoke to really, really dislike it, is it possible to keep the old version as it was (CS avva Shenouda) and add this technicaly practical one at the end for those who need it? 
    A friend sent me a link to your website for a hymn for Power point presentation, so I looked for the same in other websites with the "normal" font; can't really put this on slides in a presentation.
    This font is really really disappointing and will lead to the majority of people looking for other websites for the hymns in normal lovely Coptic fonts. 
  • Salaam
    is there any way to to convert the Unicode Coptic font  to  Coptic Standard (CS) Fonts.  
  • Also,  God bless him,  Boutros_WB,  a user in here posted this link to convert to a readable  optic font  if you paste coptic text into Word .

    Hope that helps
  • the link above no longer works. Here is another location I found to download Arial Coptic. to use with your Microsoft products (i.e. Word).

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