My new English brief article on the Fast and Feast of the Nativity

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Dear all,

Here is my translated Arabic article into English.. I hope you like it, and I await your opinions and feedback..

oujai ken P[C


  • Hi guys,
    I am awfully sorry for leaving out this important piece of information that the inspiration for this work is Mr @drewhalim - I still hope that he visits this website from time to time anyway.. God bless you all and pray for me and my family..
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ Ⲡϭⲥ
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    Hey @ophadece! I keep meaning to post on this...the article in the link is in Arabic not English.
  • Thanks a lot Mr @minamakar - I have no idea why this is happening.. Please give me a bit of time and I will sort it out.. Thanks a lot for your interest and for alerting me to this..
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  • Hi all,

    I believe I realised what the problem was and rectified it.. please let me know - here is the link once again should you still doubt the initial post link.. thanks a lot once again dear Dr. @minamakar, and @mabsoota, and all.. pray for me and for my family.. 

    oujai qen P[C
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