happy new year!

i wish all northeast africans and all coptic orthodox church members and everyone else who reads this a very beautiful and happy new year, full of the peace and grace of God, who equips us to serve Him and to defend our beautiful Christian faith.

i hope to finish writing the life stories of some british saints who i learnt about last week and post it here soon.

i visited the ancient roman ampitheatre in chester, where saints aaron and julius were martyed (sometime between AD 80 and AD 500 - there were Christians here by AD 200)
may the Lord God give them rest and may they pray for us also


  • Dear @mabsoota,
    Belated Happy New Coptic Year to you too but please note, last year was a leap year (AM 1739) so this year AM 1740 started on the 12th of September.. I can see your post was dated the 11th of September.. Thanks a lot anyway and stay blessed..
  • church day starts on the evening before...
  • Thanks @mabsoota - you are absolutely right.. Thanks for correcting me
  • i think i posted it a bit earlier anyway, so i was sort of cheating...
    i did nearly get confused with the leap year, but in our church we anointed the realics a day early, as the new year's eve service was held on the monday in a small place with not enough space for everyone.
    that way no one missed out
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