Are there stories of visitations or apparitions of saints other than Mary?

Jesus was visited by Moses and Elijah. Have there been any saints in all of Christendom who have been visited by other characters of the Bible excluding Mary? 

Imagine how cool it would be if the Ignatius (AD Time) or even King David (BC Time) appeared to you. Is there anything of this type? Surely, if we are all alive in Christ then this should be possible. 


  • Hi @Jathniel,
    If you are talking about public apparitions I would wait for other members to enlighten me.
    I know a lot of people (and I mean a lot) who told me about apparitions of saints talking to them and giving them specific instructions for instance (building annexes to churches, advising them to repent, promising them offspring, etc) such as Virgin Mary, archangel Michael, Anba Abraam, St George, etc..
    In fact I have a feeling @minatasgeel may have a personal experience with this if I remember correctly.. Well, he is one of the saints in my eyes.. Hehe..
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  • certainly.
    tamav (mother) eirine (leader of a ladies' monastery in egypt) used to talk to the saints in the 1990s.
    she has departed (died) since then so I can talk about it.
    i know someone else (have met that person just a few times) who has almost certainly talked to pope kyrillos 6th (recent sainly patriarch, departed 1971), but that person is still alive, so i can't talk about it.

    if we wish to speak to the saints, we should first live like them (forgive our enemies, serve God even when it is tiring or difficult etc etc).
    remember we can always speak to God and we can even taste the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. so that is enough of a miracle to build our faith on.
    there are lots of other miracles, but we (orthodox) don't elevate them like some other churches do, as it is dangerous for us to spend time talking about them when we could be praying the liturgy or praying at home or reading the Holy Bible.
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