Abouna Antonious Ibrahim Ayad Sermon

I heard his statements and am seeking to understand both sides of the issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You!


  • is this a good sermon?
    can you send us a link? 
    i like orthodox sermons :)
  • This is the link to the whole sermon

    Basically I think the issue is that he states when one stands in the presence of God, one is filled with grace and cannot say “I am a sinner”.

    This Anba Rafael’s response :
    I believe Anba Agathon also responded

    I am also seeking to understand the term the role of the human race in the Transfiguration of Christ, because Abouna Antonious states in the beginning that it is the Feast of OUR Transfiguration IN Christ (if that’s an accurate translation)
  • No one has any opinion on this matter?!
  • Sometimes it's futile to get into such arguments that lead nowhere and have very little benefit on a spiritual life if not negatively.
  • With all love and respect, I do not think it is futile. Similar to how we assess church father teachings in the past, it is essential that we do the same nowadays. For example, we say "this father was correct", or "This group was incorrect", or "He was misunderstood". This is for the sake of understanding and believing what is correct and steering away from what is not. 
    I am not aiming to harass or judge anyone. There are many topics and issues that do not affect one's spiritual life, yet they are still discussed for the sake of accuracy, understanding and knowledge. 

  • But you got your answer to such an argument from Anba Rafael. What other "opinion" would you like?

  • Ania Rafael's response was based more on our prayers and hymns. I was wondering if there was any other perspective that would prove or disprove his point of view based another source, such as the Bible or other church father writings.
    I know it seems like I'm trying to stir up something or argue for the sake of arguing, but I'm really not. I'm sorry, and forgive me, if I posed the question or any of my responses in a manner that portrays that. 
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