Do Oriental Orthodox accept EED or reject it?
Also do Oriental Orthodox accept ADS or reject it?


  • we accept things we can understand.
    so yes to excitement every day although we sometimes
    accept days slowly
    (my guess about the meaning of your abbreviations)
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    Yes, Orthodox (Miaphysites) accept the Essence-Energy Distinction, however we reject the Palamite innovations that the Chalcedonite schismatics later accepted.

    As such, we necessarily reject Absolute Divine Simplicity, which posits that everything in the Godhead (including will and energy) are completely identical, and no different from, God's essence.  Usually, proponents on this heresy also posit that the hypostatic characteristics of unbegottenness, begottenness, and procession and also identical to the essence, which is a Sabellian error.

    The common error with both the Palamite and ADS heresies that the Chalcedonite and Latin churches accept is the same - they both confuse hypostatic properties with essential properties.  That's why Aquinas ventured into thinking that the hypostatic properties are essential, and that's why Palamas ventured into the blasphemy that the saints become unoriginate (which is a hypostatic property of the Father), instead of merely uncreated and eternal (which are essential properties of the Trinity, communicated to us non-essentially).

    So in toto, we accept that in theosis, the saints take on what is common to the Trinity, but we reject as completely impious that man takes on what is particular solely to either Father, Son, or Holy Spirit.  To say that the saints take any of the particularizing properties on, is to say that the saints become a hypostasis of the Trinity, which would add to the incomparable Incarnation.

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