A Question Regarding Confession

Hi everyone :) 

There's been an issue lingering in my head all day today. I went to confession today and openly admitted to an issue with keeping myself pure.

I did confess to lust, but also (as I said to Abouna) "the secret sin associated with it" without specifying "masturbation." Abouna didn't ask for further details but gave me some beautiful advice today.

Was the sin of masturbation also wiped from me at the time of Abouna's absolution, or do I need to confess at another time? I'm really battling myself over this. 

Please pray for me, thank you.


  • Hi @PopeKyrillosHabibi,
    While I may be mistaken in this point (and I await other well learned people here to correct me) I would argue personally speaking that there are no canons or dogmas defining what things should be included in the confession. Please remember you are not shaming yourself in front of a man of God. NO, not at all.. you are conquering the sin in front of GOD Himself. We have no such a thing as muslims do that when you go to get absolution everything is wiped out completely, as long as your intentions is for that purpose to happen. 
    No, I guess you find it difficult right now, we do pray that God forgive you completely, but for your own sanity and for your own willpower you actually need to mention masturbation as the specific sin that you are beaten from. I am not talking to you so that you do it right now, or even tomorrow, but I certainly wouldn't want you to delay. It may be so powerful right now, but I believe I know you well enough (from past comments and stories, and indeed from this very thread you have started) you are a strong-willed and tough cookie.. you need to mention it sooner rather than later, and please ask God for help.. yes, this is the craziness of our relationship with God, we ask for His power to aid us to be powerful enough to put something back to Him asking for forgiveness.
    God be with you and please pray for me and my family..
    Oujai qen p[c
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