Doxology for St. Basil

Blessed Feast of the Circumcision (and Feast of St. Basil)!  Does anyone know of a doxology for this great father? I


  • I haven't seen one in the Coptic tradition... but that doesn't mean that there isn't one. 
  • happy feast!
    wow, imagine such an amazing saint without a doxology! maybe someone will find one.
    (if it is possible that there is a doxolgy minatasgeel does not know...)

    also happy Christmas (bit late) and Theophany (bit early), how lovely it is to go to church!
    hope you are all also able to go to church and not having any restrictions
  • Lol... We are probably just bias... He's not really Coptic
  • from (choose 6 toba readings, 14 jan)
    In 358 A.D., he abandoned the world and all its vain glories. He traveled through the wilderness of Egypt, where he witnessed the ascetics and was influenced by them.

    so definitely coptic!
    (he is coptic enough for me...)
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