Efnav Empi-esmou

Does anyone have the translation for this hymn in English? It is a rare annual hymn. Albair's choir chants it in the annual Liturgy of the Word production. 



  • Most of the verses come from other well known hymns so you can probably easily figure out the translation yourself.
  • I'll try my hand at the translation, just so it exists for those looking at this in the future. Please note I do not have any familiarity with the hymn and am just going off of Remnkemi's Coptic in the link above. I'm by no means the most experienced with Coptic, so please correct this translation if you see an error. Verses with a * are ones I am less certain of.

    1. Now is the time of blessing / the time of the chosen incense / the time for us to worship Our Savior / the Good Lover-of-Man
    2. Mary is incense / incense is in her womb / she gave birth to Incense / that (or until) He may forgive (or forgives) us our sins 
    3. Jesus is incense / come, let us worship Him / when we obey his commands / He may forgive us our sins
    4. Incense is offered / from the Virgin Mary / for the entire Incense / came and was incarnate from her
    5. The tabernacle is the witness / for the Word of the Lord strengthened it / Aaron the priest is within / raising the chosen incense
    *6. The Father came into the world through / the Virgin Mary / He adorned a tabernacle / for His Only-Begotten Son
    *7. He gave the vision (or time) to Michael / the [task of] announcing to Gabriel / He gave the gifts of God / to Mary the Virgin
    8. He gave the joy to Raphael / the [task of] trumpeting to Suriel / and the 4 incorporeal creatures / and the 24 presbyters
    9. He gave the law to Moses / the [task of] priesthood to Aaron / He gave the chosen incense / to Zachariah the priest
    10. He gave the wisdom to David / the wisdom to Solomon / He gave the horn to Samuel / he who anointed the kings
    11. He gave pride to Mary / and my master, Prince George / and Philopateer Mercurius / and Apa Mena of Bayad
    12. Let us gather, o my beloved / the children of the orthodox / that we may honor this martyr / Saint (...)
    13. Hail to you, O martyr / hail to the courageous hero / hail to the struggle-mantled / Saint (...)
    *14. The teachers of Orthodoxy / gathered together in a symphony / ??? father in the church / our holy father Abba (...)
    15. The 12 Apostles / proclaim and say / "Worthy! Worthy! Worthy!" / our holy father Abba (...)
    16.  Likewise we exalt you / with David the psalmist / "You are a priest forever / according to the order of Melchizedek."
    17. Jesus Christ the same yesterday / today and forever / in one hypostasis / we worship Him and glorify Him
    18. The cherubim and the seraphim / the angels and the archangels / the thrones, the dominions, and powers
    19. Praising him without ceasing / by day and by night / proclaiming and saying / "Holy, O Lord, and Holy"
    20. Holy O Lord of the thousands / and honored by the myriads / You are the incense O my Savior, for you have come and saved us.
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