Litany of the Fathers

Hello everyone, I was wondering why in the Litany of The Fathers in the Divine Liturgy, we only mention the Patriarch of Antioch (Mar Ignatius Ephrem) and the Patriarch of Eritrea (Abune Antonious.) Why do we not mention Catholicos Karekin II of Armenia or Abune Matthias and Abune Merkurius of Eritrea?


  • they are the ones that the church had special meetings with and who all agreed to mention each other. 
    i imagine them having a nice tea break and becoming best buddies, but i suspect it was something more formal than that.
  • Mainly because that what the manuscripts had. But if priests or clergy from the other church's are present, we do add their names to the litany.
  • Like in the Oriental Orthodox Reunions Anba David has had in NY before
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