in order not to derail the thread on saint basil's liturgy, 
i am commenting further here.
jeremy's source in that thread further states:
'Thus the choir of deacons, trained in singing, replaced the congregation.'


that's not how my first orthodox churches (where i joined the church) functioned! everyone sang! 
but i have seen this tendency in some of the larger churches. 
how we can counteract this? it really makes me sad to see people are too shy to sing, or who think they need some special talent to invitation to sing to God in church.
i would like to hear the advice of anyone - those who sing and those who don't sing.
how can we (people who like to sing) help you to join in?


  • I cannot agree more.. It makes me so sad too. People treat the church as if she were a theatre with some kind of a performance so they just spend the time watching and that is it..
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  • Eliminating microphones, eliminates spectating, increases full chorus participation, and indirectly encourages people to sing as their voice blends in and is unrecognized. Most times I see congregations lacking participation is when the microphone is heavily relied on.
    My 2 cents :)
  • Very well said @ShareTheLord
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  • good point, this works for smaller groups.

    in my church, there is a very big altar area, so if people are not using microphones (sometimes happens at mid week services), i can't even work out when to say 'Lord have mercy', as all i hear is blubabalarama....
    i suppose the key is being loud enough for us to hear what people are saying, but not so loud for us not to hear ourselves join in! 

    does anyone have any other tips?
    i used to think i sang too loudly and it put other people off, but when i tried to be quieter, a friend complained that she didn't hear me from a few rows back!
    last time i went to church, abouna interrupted the distribution song to tell everyone to join in,
    that helped!
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