On the vaccine

Eastern orthodox bishops and priests are telling the people not to take the vaccin. They see it as something evil, and evin a Eastern Orthodox saint Paisios who passed away in 1994 told that the world will make a vaccin and it is devil.

But my question is what does the Coptic Orthodox Church say about the vaccin?


  • The Coptic Church says take it. In fact, it was a recommendation by the Synod in its last session a couple of weeks ago:
    "Supporting the spread of awareness concerning each individual’s responsibility towards the entire society, and the importance of adhering to preventive cautionary methods as it is not against the faith, while encouraging vaccinations made available by the government"
  • i didn't hear anyone from the orthodox church speaking against it.
    but then i don't use social media.
    this reduces my stress level!
    i also don't have a smart phone...
  • I'm not taking it no matter what. I heard a Coptic (I believe monk because he wasn't wearing the Bishop's turban) talk about a chip and implant. Obviously the vaccine is not that, but it may make you infertile. In fact, the former Vice President of the WHO said do not take it. I don't think the Church should be recommending it under such conditions. We know the world is evil, so why are we constantly trying to appease it?
  • I've had two shots of the Moderna vaccine, as recommended by my doctor. My doctor is not "the world", unless the world is a younger Indian guy who works for the local community health clinic, and I am not trying to appease anything or anyone. I'm trying to stay safe and healthy, as I have numerous preexisting health conditions as well as friends with young children who are outside the age groups recommended for the vaccines, so I want to make sure I'm doing right both by myself and by them. If that's wrong, may God forgive me as He also explains to me why I should've listened to paranoid conspiracy theories from outside of the Orthodox Church of God, whether they're from some dead Greek in a video or who knows where else.

    Why is is that the vaccines are of evil or at best not to be trusted even as our own bishops say otherwise, all because such and such said something? Is one nameless monk, even if he is from somewhere in the Church (which the Greeks are not, in case it is being forgotten via the almighty power of a YouTube video), somehow greater than the Holy Synod, which is guided by the Holy Spirit? Man...that's not just bad ecclesiology -- in this case it's actually potentially dangerous to peoples' physical health. Lord have mercy.

    (Incidentally, one of the many sources of information that I looked to in deciding if it was worth the potential risks to take the vaccine was a virologist who is active in vaccine awareness and health who has dedicated most of her online presence to answering people's questions and concerns, who I am almost certain from her name and appearance is probably Coptic or at least of Coptic origins -- can't remember her first name since I stopped following her on social media after making my decision a few months ago, but her last name is Malaty, just like the famous priest and author Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty. Never in the many hours of talks and updates I saw from her did she say anything about religious conviction being on the side of the anti-vaccination crowd. Just some food for thought.)
  • thanks for your interesting post, jeremy
    i do think that people in many countries take too many vaccines and that is not good for the 
    world's health generally.
    but if you are going to cut down on the vaccines you take, cut down on some for rare and non fatal diseases.
    don't cut out the COVID 19 vaccine, as that has been the worst disease in 100 years.
    so it doesn't make good sense to take your childhood vaccines and then to object to this one!

    if you object to micro chips and population control, then these are the things you need to cut out:
    smart phones, smart watches, fitness monitors, satellite navigation systems, contactless bank cards, credit cards (including store cards), registered contactless travel passes etc. etc.

    i don't use any of these, and as i am blessed with good health, i cycle everywhere (using public transport when my legs get tired) and use a paper map.

    it is not the vaccine that is turning us into zombies, it is excessive use of the internet and social media.
    log out, pray, read the Bible, go to church and go and talk to people! (even when we were only allowed once a day exercise during the virus outbreak, i would say 'hi' to people out for a run and i had a few interesting conversations.)

    avoid all these social media conspiracy theories! it is all the time people spend following them that is achieving exactly what they don't want, which is becoming addicted to their computers or telephones and cut off from the reality around them.

    there's a world outside your window - go and check it out!
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