Searching for an old hymn (formerly said during the Distribution)

A while back, likely a few years ago, Bishop David mentioned the existence of a very old hymn that was said during the Distribution of the Holy Mysteries during one of his weekly sessions.

Apparently, this hymn/melody was instituted in order to dissuade the unworthy from partaking of the Holy Communion. His Grace mentioned that due to its harsh nature, the melody was avoided over time to the point where we now do not say it at all. 

If anyone is aware of what the melody is called, and more specifically how to access its words, I would love to know! (@minatasgeel maybe?!)



  • "من كان طاهراَ فليقرب ومن كان نجساً فليخرج إلا لأن يحترق بنار اللاهوت"
    "Who ever is pure let him approach, and who ever is defiled let him leave so he doesn't burn from the fire of the divinity."

    Atleast i think this is what you are taking about. But, it's not a hymn but only an extra part to the deacon's confession response. It used to be said in some church, only in arabic--I have heard some recent recordings. But no one says it really outside that since i's not documented in any official liturgy books.
  • What would the full response be Mina?
    What’s the source? Is there Coptic text for it?
  • I don't remember, but somewhere in the middle of the confessions response.

    As far as i know, there isn't a coptic source.
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