Need a Quick Clarification on the Holy Myron Oil

Because H.H. Pope Tawadros II will, by the grace of God, be preparing a new batch of the Holy Myron Oil again this week, this question came to mind:

Are the original spices that were on the shroud of our Lord Jesus Christ part of the Myron that we use today? (and by definition these spices would be used as part of the preparation of the Myron)

Or is it that we use the same types of spices as those that were used to anoint and subsequently bury our Lord? 

I know this might seem like a very basic thing to ask, but upon reading Church sources on this Holy sacrament, I am still confused.

Thank you and God bless you all +


  • The original substance which was preserved by St Athanasius is therein with more added to it that there may be enough for all the churches while still containing the original batch.

    +God Bless+
  • What is added to the consecrated Myron is called "khamira"... Which literary means "yeast" but it also means "the same of what you are making more of." The Myron khamira is basically the Myron consecrated from older years. Now, it's that we have the exact spices that were on the body of Christ... But we have older Myron that was made the same way this new one is being made in which Myron khamira at that time, from previous times, was also added to it.
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