Searching for Relics

I am looking for any church or monastery that has the relics of Sts. Demian and Cosmas in the Coptic church. Preferably in North America, but I would be interested in learning about the presence of their relics in the Coptic churches or monasteries throughout the world as well. Does anyone know where I can find this?


  • Are you just curious for the history or are you really looking to find Their Relic’s?

    +God Bless+
  • I’m really looking to find the relics. A simple google search for Coptic churches in their name hasn’t yielded anything.
  • Would this be for a new church starting out or for what?
  • No. It’s not for a new church. It’s for personal reasons only. Do you know if any churches or monasteries that house their relics?
  • widen your search for non coptic orthodox churches.
    i have been to this one for a brief visit to pray:
    and think they have relics. it was during the time of restrictions on touching stuff in church, so i didn't look for any relics, but they usually have them if the church is in their name.

    send me a personal message with your email address if you intend to come to uk and i can ask them. it is about a mile from another greek orthodox church where i know people, so i can ask them to find out.
    probably there is one closer to you than this one!
  • Thanks for that! I was really hoping to find a Coptic church with their relics...we have a few Eastern Orthodox churches on this side of the pond that do house their relics but was hoping to stay within the Coptic church if that was possible.
  • If you can PM me maybe I could work something out for you
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    You'd probably have better luck finding them in a Catholic church. I did see a Russian Orthodox site selling a piece of their relics, but it wasn't cheap and I'm not sure of the authenticity. They are venerated a lot in Catholicism, and I believe most of their relics are in Italy, Portugal and Germany. Good luck, nonetheless. They are great for the medical field!
  • jojo hanna, it sounds like u r planning to smuggle the relics out of your church for a private veneration!
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    You’re invited if course, @Mabsoota!
    We need you to lead the way, I mean service* ;)
  • ha ha, you crack me up, i wasn't trying to gatecrash your party...
    but, hey, why not!
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