Uncle passing away

Hello again, all.

Please pray for a peaceful departure for my uncle Warren, who I've just been informed will pass away today due to kidney failure. I am still in shock, as it was only two days ago that he was admitted to the hospital with breathing difficulties and tested negative for covid. Due to restrictions related to the spread of the virus, I won't get to see him (I live too far away to safely travel), though I may get to talk to the family later today when they're gathered with him, to the extent that they can be given the current pandemic.

Lord have mercy.


  • may God give you His timeless peace and grace
  • I got a text message from my cousin today that said they are taking him off of life support. He has been alive until now but not responsive to either treatment or stimuli more generally (family visits, doctor examinations, etc.), so the decision was made that any further keeping him alive is simply delaying by artificial means the inevitable. Lord have mercy.
  • That’s God’s decision, not anyone else’s.
    Praying lots.
  • may God have mercy on you and all your family and give you wisdom to know when they are ready to discuss spiritual things further.
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