Murder victim and investigation

Hello brothers and sisters. I want to ask that you please pray for a person who was murdered in my neighborhood this morning around 12:30 am. It was very close to where I live, to the point that the gunshots themselves woke me up because they were so loud and close by (sounded like they were right outside my window; obviously I did not stick my head up to check). Now the police are telling the people in my neighborhood to please stay in our homes because they are still receiving reports of a man with a gun wandering around, in and out of different apartment complexes and backyards. It is a very tense time. Please pray for the soul of the departed, for safety and wisdom for the investigators, and protection for everyone in our neighborhood. And also for the gunman or gunmen, that they repent and call upon the Lord's mercy for what they have done. Lord have mercy.

Thank you.


  • may God have mercy on the departed person and the man / woman who did it.
    our job as Christians is to get to know our neighbours and show them His light (taking care when this is dangerous).
    may God give your neighbours peace and grace.
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