Syriac Orthodox Liturgical Problems in Latin America.

As faithful of the Oriental Orthodox church, I think it is perfectly reasonable that we are fully aware of the extreme liturgical problems that have, and are, taking place in Latin America. The following videos are Divine Liturgies conducted by the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Central America, and the Syriac Orthodox Mission Archdiocese of Brazil. 

Personally, I have full confidence that the Syriac Holy Synod will discuss this issue and rectify it. However I feel it beneficial that we, the general people of the Oriental Orthodox church are aware that such practices are being tolerated at the moment. 
Though the human aspect of these Liturgies are severely lacking in reverence and richness, God's work in the Divine Liturgy remains undisturbed. 


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    God willing, efforts to correct this may be speeded by knowledge of this problem becoming more common.
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    Comments by Fr Peter Farrington concerning this issue:

    “Many of our churches have been influenced by Protestantism over the last decades, including the Coptic Orthodox Church. It seems to me that one aspect of the reordering of our church life is to be positive about our traditions, and to present them in the language of the people. Not exclusively but so that people can actually engage in worship.

    As the churches become better educated in patristics and the Tradition it seems to me there is less scope for adopting Protestant ideas which include worship simply because there is a vacuum being filled with non-Orthodox teachings and practice.

    It does also require more of an emphasis on Orthodox practice in worship. As if it is something beautiful and fruitful. This has to be part of discipleship more than just instruction in what we do. We need to teach why. Why do we use liturgy? How is it necessary to the spiritual life? How do we grow into union with God through the use of liturgy as one important aspect of our spiritual life?”
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