Virginity testing

Hey everyone, 

I recently came across this article discussing virginity testing done by some churches in Egypt before a woman's marriage (link below). Can anyone update me on the situation? Is it still a common occurrence? More importantly, how are such abhorrent things allowed to take place within our church? 


  • Nothing happens when I go-to the link ... Just takes me to their homepage. Also, doesn't sound like a good source in general.

    From what I have heard though, this custom was never a thing in church and that's the same case for FGM. But, rural areas and villages in Egypt may practice such acts due to Islamic effects on the social aspect there. I am not talking about something that has been done only recently, but traditions that have been there for centuries. Of course, churches in almost all these villages, if they even exist, have no control to prohibit them or do anything considering that the clergy, being men, will in no way facilitate enforcing any rule.

    There are also misconceptions that Muslims have about christians. One such thing that some believe is that on the first night for a Christian couple being wed, abouna spends the night with the bride to confirm she is a virgin. Of course, that is not true and absurd by all accounts. But many Muslims do believe that till this day, and not many talk about the topic openly to fix these misconceptions... Maybe only recently in metropolitan areas with educated individuals.

    But in general, we have to consider some things:
    1- The idea of monogamy to Muslims is so unbelievable, that it may result in many misconceptions that sound absurd to anyone outside that society, not just Christians
    2- Lack of openness to speak about sex in an objective way among ourselves as Christians, and for sure with others of different beliefs
    3- The environment each is in has different levels of tolerance to certain ideas and customs
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