Saint Macarius in modern English

it's here!

the most eagerly awaited book of the 21st
century has just been published!

(i have mentioned it here before, as old tasbeha lovers will remember)

it was written by my friend,
but this is not why i am recommending it. 

it is actually this is a wonderful retranslation and paraphrasing of half of saint macarius' homilies in modern english, suitable for readers of all
backgrounds and all ages (well, maybe the 5 year olds will struggle with a few long words, but you can read it out to them).

if you would like more refreshing times of
prayer and great advice in spiritual warfare, this is for you. reading this
book helped me immensely and i am delighted to announce that it is now

it is also good for people with no church background, as there are little explanations through the book and a lovely summary at the end.

if you hate reading really horrible translations of arabic books, this is for you!


and for our friends outside uk:

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